The Battle For Media Democracy

Follow Adbusters' campaign to fight for the airwaves.

The Battle For Media Democracy

Adbusters’ battle against CBC and Canwest reached a pinnacle this winter when we won our appeal. Now the hard part: keeping CBC and Canwest on the run. We have everything set up to keep our legal battle going, except for the funds. Thankfully, we started our fundraising campaign last week and there was an overwhelming response. We have made $3,830.00 in just one short week – a great start towards our goal of $50,000.00!

From now on we are going to keep you updated via the Adbusters blog. We’ll fill you in on all of the ongoing legal action and our progress toward our goal. For those of you who haven’t donated yet, join us in our fight for the airwaves!

Action on the Legal Front:

Not surprisingly CBC and Canwest are not playing fair. Currently CBC is trying to have our case moved to the Federal Court, which is known for being unsupportive to freedom causes (tricky CBC). We will need to raise another $10,000 for a one-day hearing in court to counter this.

CanWest is appealing our recent victory to the Supreme Court of Canada. Their appeal will – more than likely – get rejected, but it looks like this is an attempt to deplete our resources before we can get them in court for our final clash.

We will keep you posted on news and funds as they come in. Thank you for all of those who donated and continue to support this cause and Adbusters. We also thank you for your kind words:

Keep fighting for the right to run citizen-produced ads. – E. Michaud

I hope this helps with the legal battle to secure the right to communicate through public media. I believe this is the most important and urgent issue we face. – M. Didyk

You are one of the few organizations who name the enemy: corporate profit-driven consumption. Keep on using education, publicity and nonviolence to challenge the unreasonable power of corporations. – Gary Lyndaker

Well done! Keep up the good work. It's great to see that someone else is helping to staunch the avalanche of crap we are subjected to. – T. Keith

We are in this together. I wish I could do more. – A. Scimone

Thank you for your tireless and essential work! You are a beacon of light in these delusional times. Much love and laughter to you, my friends! – R. M. Albert

I absolutely believe that "information rights are the key to a flourishing democracy and that those rights are now more imperative than ever in giving citizens a voice in navigating our path through the dangerous times ahead." Thank you for your great work!! – A. Miller

Congrats from all of us here at Sticker Guy! Keep up the good work. – P. Menchetti

Go get them. – M. Apse