Adbusters' Day in Court

This past Monday, the British Columbia Court of Appeal heard arguments in Adbusters' landmark media democracy suit against Canwest Global and the CBC.

Last Monday we had our day in the British Columbia Court of Appeal. If you've been following the case, you know that we suffered a setback last summer when we lost a decision at the Supreme Court of B.C. in our landmark lawsuit against Canwest Global and the CBC. We appealed that decision, and on Monday arguments were heard from lawyers on both sides. Counsel for Adbusters, Mark Underhill, felt that we received a good hearing before the Court: "This is a challenging case for the Court because Adbusters is seeking to have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms apply to private broadcasters. However, Adbusters is arguing that those broadcasters are in the unique position to control access for expression on the public broadcasting system, thereby potentialling infringing the constitutionally protected expression rights of Canadians. The unique position occupied by broadcasters on the broadcasting system has not been fully considered by the Courts to date and Adbusters therefore argues that their case should be allowed to proceed to a full trial. The Court was very engaged with the issues arising in this appeal, and asked a lot of questions which confirmed that they were carefully considering the merits of Adbusters' position. We were very pleased with how the hearing went and now await the Court's decision." There's no firm timeline yet on when the judges will deliver a decision, but we estimate that the wait will be at least one month and likely longer than that. We'll send you an update at that time. Read more about it on our Media Carta campaign page.