In the Wake of Frankenstorm...

Time for a global alliance!

One solution to unfettered corporate power producing runaway climate change is to launch a hybrid blue-green-black political party.

World Wide Pirate Party

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The people will NEVER be represented through the current' election process. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate One Percent. We must have paralleled elections and elect leaders we then declare valid and the two party stolen process should be invalidated and declared false.

I don't know exactly how that would work but it is the only answer. Working to make progress in their controlled system is futile and exactly where they want us and where we have been struggling in a no win situation that brought America to its knees bowing to fascist corporate take over of the planet using our dollars to fund our military to do THEIR bidding.


why not white for light? im not going to submit myself to being represented by the void of black. white represents the presence of all colors of the spectrum. some revolutions need a revolution.

Anonymous shipmate

I would advise any third party to take advantage of the current crisis in New Jersey and New York. At this moment, millions of New Jersey residents are allowed to vote by email or by fax. Take advantage by volunteering to help, then help residents to vote for Nader or Johnson. If either party gets 5% of the vote, that would mean the party would be entitled to federal grants for campaign funding at it can grow from there.

Wake up 5% of the voting population and you will make a great step toward your goals.

Frankly, Nader and Johnson should somehow share a ticket. Its the best hope for a 3rd party.


The third party should help but be careful about making a political point out of it.some are tired of the fingerpointing in politics. We need people who can help without it being a look what I did moment.


Wouldn't it? It's one of those slippery slope things that people get caught on all the time. So it would take some serious willpower from someone not to engage. But if your going to fingerpoint... have one of those ridiculous stuffed foam things.

Zacqary Adam Green

Hi Adbusters. I'm the Operations Officer of the New York Pirate Party. I admire your enthusiasm, and I'm all for emphasizing the fight against unfettered capitalism in the Pirate movement. After all, it was founded in protest of the copyright industry, and what is the copyright industry if not unfettered capitalism? But I'm detecting a sentiment of "let's make this new thing that doesn't exist yet" from this whole campaign. And it does exist. It's called the Pirate Party.

We're already with you on all of this stuff. Except for the Blue-Green-Black thing because a lot of Pirate Parties have already gone with purple or orange. But seriously, enivronmentalism, sustainability, end to corporate personhood, we're all for that and more. with us, maybe? Not in parallel?


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