Shall we still go out and party tonight?

Now that a climate change induced Frankenstorm has wreaked havoc on our land, let's not be cowed into submission . . . let’s go out tonight and Trick or Treat the unfettered corporate power that helped bring the storm on . . .

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Go ahead and wear scary masks in front of banks on Hallow'een eve.

Maybe even try some vandalism. Yuck-yuck!

But make up your last will and testaments first, cuz u r asking for trouble.

By inciting 'partying' at Bank of America locations across the USA, what the flick is Adbusters hoping to accomplish?

Will the editors, employees and owner of Adbusters also be doing what they are asking others to do?

Adam Santo

I'm a proud occupier of 3 occupations but this call is just stupid. What on earth are we going to accomplish? Also, "let's not cower in submission", are you kidding me? The word is, hurricane.

not a bank of a...

to Anonymous 31 October 2012 at 10:53 am -

I think a better idea would be to change all of the "B" and As" in BAnk of america to Fs and Us so it will read FUNK OF AMERICA! But you are right - Anon - We should sit quiet and let the concept of ownership and greed rip our world apart while we stand by and do nothing. At least an artistic revolution is still allowed right? Oh wait - I guess its not.


Anonymous31 says: "We should sit quiet and let the concept of ownership and greed rip our world apart while we stand by and do nothing."

Everybody does things out of self interest: We work to get paid, we have families so we will be cared for in our old age and to procreate our genes and heritage, we buy things to meet their needs, for comfort and for amusement.

So don't pretend there is something wrong will having self interest. Without it we would all be a lot worse off, even health-wise.

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