Chilean Students Ignite

23 year-old Camila Vallejo strikes the match.

Waves of unrest are sweeping through Chile. Led by the youth, this burgeoning revolution, which started as a protest for access to education, now threatens to overrun the governing neo-classical economic paradigm.


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"welcome to life, it's adverse and difficult."
For whom? Not for everybody as you may know.
We need social justice in the world, not the preaching of bad and old advices based on neoliberalism.


#OWS Week – Program 2 Aired Live 2/1/12 on PressTV - This interview took place on January 5, 2012. You can see in the background of the interview, that at that time there had been 5,858 arrests at Occupy’s around the United States. Today February 2, 2012, we can see that the number has increased to 6,464. As its stands today, in less that a month, there has been an additional 606 arrests.

Lets get the word out! Post on facebook, Twitter, email your friends and place on other social networks like, and - Thank you! = : )


As usual, The Guardian never fails in it's complete sensationalism and disregard of the truth. Camilla Vallejo did not strike the match, that is absurb. Hundreds of thousands of students have worked behind the scenes to create this movement while Camilla Vallejo memorizes her public speech lines and poses for the media cameras. The Guardian have continuously sensationalised card carrying communist Camilla Vallejo when the fact is that she was used as a political puppet by Julio Sarmiento and the Chilean Communist party.


I don't believe you "anonymous". Apparently you don't know the Chilean Political Culture of group progress and development. As usual your argument and that of many others is "she is a Communist". Labels are not debating points so you loose.


You don't believe the lengthy article of the Julio Sarmiento/Camilla Vallejo link?

Camilla Vallejo is not just a "Communist" in terms of a silly uninformed label. She is a certified card carrying Communist. She often speaks about being a card carrying Communist of the Communist Youth referred to as JJCand is extremely proud of it.

And this are just a couple of many links where she talks about how proud she is too be a card carrying Communist. Her Communist status is also in Wikipedia.


Wow, you guys are pretty sad... do you know what communism is? Or did someone just tell you, when you were little, that the worst thing you could call someone is a communist.


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