World Carfree Day

Bring an end to humanity’s toxic love affair with the car.

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As the temperature climbs, the smog builds and our future grows increasingly uncertain, the time has come to end humanity’s toxic love affair with the car. We’ve become shackled to the idea of automobiles; forgetting the feeling of joy and independence that relying on our own two feet can bring. We’ve forgotten the excitement, dynamism and sense of human solidarity that riding shoulder to shoulder on public transportation can inspire. All along we’ve believed that our cars have set us free, but they have actually made us less so. An endless parade of solitary figures confined within blocks of metal and glass, we’ve become isolated not only from each other, but from our sense of responsibility to the natural world. World Carfree Day is chance to experience what our cities look, feel and sound like without cars. So join your fellow residents and leave your car in park this September 22.

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