Battle for the Soul of Occupy

The Nation Magazine wins Round #4.

“Boots. Check. Gas mask. Yup. Black pants. Got it. Water bottle and Bandana. Tent. okay. People’s Library. Sounds good. Solidarity.”

“Will that be all?”

“Oh yes, and one revolution please.”

“And how will you be paying for that? Cash or credit?”


As occupiers across the world prepare for a May uprising, The Nation magazine has some advice for what the movement should do next. “Show your support today for Occupy Wall Street’s Move Your Money Relay by applying for The Nation Magazine Platinum Visa® Rewards Card!” writes Associate Publisher Peggy Randall. We hear some 99% Spring occupiers are even rushing out now to get their Nation credit card in time for the May Day General Strike.

With this kind of boost, we’re sure to succeed.