Test Run Of Occupy Chicago

Why was it attacked?

Occupiers from across the middle of America are gathering in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend for an Occupy the Midwest regional summit that will build connections and lay the foundation for May’s #OCCUPYCHICAGO swarms and #LAUGHRIOT jams. Yesterday, on the first day of the summit occupiers attempted to set up an encampment in a local park. It was a bold move, and one that sets the stage for attempts that will be made in Chicago. The police reacted swiftly and brutally. Eyewitnesses report that tazers were used, a dozen arrests were made, and several occupiers were led away with their faces covered in blood. The video below shows a mob of billy-club wielding, disorganized cops descending on the encampment, ripping up tents and arresting people.

Watch this video summary of the day’s events and discuss below your strategies for how the movement can overcome police repression in May.

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lee mulcahy, phd

yes to 1. yes to 2. yes to 3. yes to 4 except 4 ron paul.
and #ows occupy aspen ideas festival 06.27-07.04 2012

peaceful and non-violent is the most important. the cops are the 99%. especially in aspen.


Wait, everyone's busy working, sleeping/sex, eating, spending time with family and friends, or protesting life (t.v.); maybe just over the phone or internet doing the same things > alternate realities; maybe no-thing at all.

It doesn't mean anything that important to the masses of people through any medium as long as everything's ticking. Money metaphorically "out of" anything is funny ($200 EBT). A new energy paradigm is us and how we spend our time with nature. The Fed won't matter if the past two sentences make sense. And modern large scale voting is strange and cruel practice to make some think that politics works for the people. C'est la vie...

The most important change is an artistic one to dramatically change space, both visually/audibly-architecturally/agriculturally. Tents and sidewalks are nice, but it is all space around you, and in you, and how you can make whats been unproductive and ugly, opposite. Paying it forward isn't good enough if your also passing the buck = bad luck.

Occupy MeDiAWG

Dearest AdBusters and Occupiers,

As the creator of this video I am not entirely pleased with the tone in which it's being presented, but I believe it is important and should be seen. I want it to be perfectly clear, it was not produced to incite or encourage any amount of hostility towards law enforcement, regardless of the excessive police violence it documents. I am in no way encouraging anyone use this video to plan offensive interaction with law enforcement at any peaceful demonstrations, occupy-related or otherwise. The purpose of this video is only to promote and educate in support of the occupy movement, while also protecting all peaceful protestors against unlawful police brutality.

I will never denounce or condemn the actions of any individuals who believe they are acting on behalf of their just cause, for the greater good of all people, but I will never encourage or participate in hostile actions directed at any persons or properties regardless of their employ. I urge everyone to please consider those people you are fighting with and for, and always respect their peaceful intentions in your actions. I am an independent artist attempting to occupy the media, in support of the people in the movement, locally and at large. I am a peaceful protestor, I will be there right next to you. My feet hurt too. I seek no oppressive media safe zones. A camera does not protect me from pepper spray, batons, or hog ties, and I don't run very fast. :)

I hope the Occupy movement will always consider new and different ways to deal with all things always, when reacting to all hostile situations, and especially to those that wish to harm us. The "old ways" have and will continue to fail us in all things, especially violence. Please always seek the new. This is the revolution we have been waiting for, please don't fuck it up for the rest of us.

Sincerely in Solidarity



Why does this video somehow seem different than when I watched it before!?
Why are things going so crazy w/ law enforcement?
Does anyone really know?


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