Test Run Of Occupy Chicago

Why was it attacked?

Occupiers from across the middle of America are gathering in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend for an Occupy the Midwest regional summit that will build connections and lay the foundation for May’s #OCCUPYCHICAGO swarms and #LAUGHRIOT jams. Yesterday, on the first day of the summit occupiers attempted to set up an encampment in a local park. It was a bold move, and one that sets the stage for attempts that will be made in Chicago. The police reacted swiftly and brutally. Eyewitnesses report that tazers were used, a dozen arrests were made, and several occupiers were led away with their faces covered in blood. The video below shows a mob of billy-club wielding, disorganized cops descending on the encampment, ripping up tents and arresting people.

Watch this video summary of the day’s events and discuss below your strategies for how the movement can overcome police repression in May.

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There seems to a a lot of disagreement between visitors here and regular participants of OWS. To fuel the drama Adbusters is manipulating comments that help everyone come to agreements. Without horizontal inclusion of everyone this movement will die or actually cause further problems.

As our education has grown over the last 2000 years we have become more and more informed and empowered. Adding mass and volume of people this has become a formidable force the ruling class can't ignore or stop. There are millions of people with very good ideas on fighting the ruling class, who have been in power for many 1000's of years. It's a test of humanity and in which direction we will ALL go. Think very carefully before you act.

Most are trying to use legal and lawful ways to insure their future and their kid's futures. Remember this foremost.
- many are giving civil notice to system when they are going to occupy an area with peaceful assembly. Not one of these has been attacked ... yet.
- they are also setting a substantial price if their rights are breached.
To date each one of these has been asked politely to leave, as is the case in most Canadian occupy camps, at the end of making their point and collaborating on their democratic ideas.

Result: if you don't know the law and have not taken precautions, especially knowing your rights, before you go occupy don't bother showing up.
- if you're going to act like an ass go take it out in your local bar.

This is about EDUCATING the masses and gathering everyone against the 1% with the best ideas. This education is happening whether occupy camps are present or not. 1000's of groups are already extracting information about every part of ruling class system and spreading it to their neighbors and anyone who will listen. That's real power.

When a system starts feeding upon itself it doesn't live for long. History teaches us this in plain and brutal way. It's what we plan and implement next that may save us.

In order to figure out what we can plan we need to learn what exactly happened and dispel any lies, manipulations, assumptions and anything that may be negative to our future. Whatever you are into: sight, sound, feel, thought, nature, tech and so on, the truth is right in front of your eyes. Share it with everyone to educate them as well.

With knowledge comes power, With power comes force, With force the masses will be victorious, Hence each and every one will have great responsibility.
This is the law of nature and nature of law.

@Student of ancient studies and ancient technology


Sue, sue, and sue!!!!! Clog up the court systems, as much as possible. Sue for a hang nail. The more and more juries that side with occupy, as in City of Cincinnati, the more and more the judges, and counsels will have to abide by the will of those juries, who are essentially "the people".


More than the game being rigged, it's like being forced to play Monopoly with you dad's boss's retarded son who keeps blatantly cheating and screaming if you get a bit of luck. Basically, being forced to lose and forced to allow yourself to be robbed or ....else.

These financial losers have failed on every front yet we are forced to bow to these incompetent losers who can't make it with out cheating and robbing everyone in site. These are very much the dark ages


Why are the cops so angry and violent and brutal? Yes, I realize a certain percentage of them are sociopaths and sadists or worse. For that percentage of cops, beating protesters is probably a nice change from having to beat their same old wife and kids every night. And a certain percentage of them are Christian fundamentalists and have bought into that whole apocalyptic mindfuck. But what about the rest of them, the ones that (up until now, at least) have been reasonably sane? What is behind all the anger and rage?


Prison guard syndrom. It was studied in the 60's.

If you're a prison guard, even if you are the nicest person that ever existed, eventually you will with 100% certainty turn into a sadistic bastard.

The study even had to be stopped early because the study scientist was finding that even he was turning into a creepy fuck.


Zimbardo drew from his participation in the Frederick case to write the book The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil, published by Random House in 2007, which deals with the striking similarities between the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Abu Ghraib abuses.


The four most important changes
1. get money out of campaign and lobby; overturn citizens united
2. New Energy paradign for U.S.; get off of BIG oil.
3. end federal reserve
4. beyourgovernment by voting all incumbents out of office


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