Test Run Of Occupy Chicago

Why was it attacked?

Occupiers from across the middle of America are gathering in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend for an Occupy the Midwest regional summit that will build connections and lay the foundation for May’s #OCCUPYCHICAGO swarms and #LAUGHRIOT jams. Yesterday, on the first day of the summit occupiers attempted to set up an encampment in a local park. It was a bold move, and one that sets the stage for attempts that will be made in Chicago. The police reacted swiftly and brutally. Eyewitnesses report that tazers were used, a dozen arrests were made, and several occupiers were led away with their faces covered in blood. The video below shows a mob of billy-club wielding, disorganized cops descending on the encampment, ripping up tents and arresting people.

Watch this video summary of the day’s events and discuss below your strategies for how the movement can overcome police repression in May.

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99% of 300 million is a lot of people. Nationwide, occupy camps have drawn less than 3 million protesters. Occupiers are less than 1%. It looks to me like folks are staying away in droves. Either learn how to organize or stop calling occupiers the 99%. That's just spin. Nobody is fooled, because the cameras don't lie.

A few disorganized fools with incoherent demands simply provide a target for police forces larger than they are. If the 99% took to the streets, the police would join them. 

Remember, police forces are full of stupid bullies. These guys pump up with steroids rather than protein powder and weights even though steroids drive them crazy and ruin their sex lives. They aren't rocket scientists. By volunteering to be their hapless victims, you're telling the world that you are dumber than they are.

Anonymous jersey

pigs will be pigs, no surprise, instead of encampments in the open which are always attacked and shut down, we should just reclaim abandoned buildings and turn them into livable squats where we can start doing shit and helping people. this has to be done quietly and hopefully if they go unnoticed and become permanent spots, they will be much harder to attack and shut down

Anonymous jersey

we r in a state of war here, we WILL be attacked and possibly killed or jailed for long periods of time under disgusting conditions. Make no mistake, we need to organize quietly and fast...


Regardless of all these silly posts in this thread I still would like to share my thoughts.

"Strategies for how the movement can overcome police repression in May," maybe one way to want to understand and produce something effective, but does overcome have any meaningful meaning? Perhaps a more important question is how can we build stronger communities and families, or how can we, like MLK Jr, have students running the protest instead of adults?

The Kony Video which I refuse to watch or learn about I understand is having flashmobs and wheatpasting events on 4/20 from 12-4am, and it is even younger people than Occupy getting together to make this "change." The things everyone sane wants is peace and non-violence, so the quicker that it is understood that it should be the number one goal the quicker we won't be trying to "overcome" anything and the dream will have become a reality overnight. Like man landing on the moon. We won't have 3 million people as participants in a movement about occupation/banks/corporations/government (the confusing bullshit no one likes to talk about if they've graduated high school in America) but instead a Peace Mission, which is what this should really be on a global scale.

Once peace is established more truth can be brought to light involving global policy, whats left of eco sustainability, and how we can build things that matter rather than war machines, toys for oil and house bubbles. Now have a beautiful Sunday.


I agree, the biggest obstacle we must overcome right now is the gearing up for another war with Iran. This must be addressed. The camping thing has become dangerous, and tactics need to be changed. Find legal campgrounds and march. Find a friendly farmer with a field and march from there. Follow the money in an intelligent manner that provides the best use of participants. There needs to be some element of surprise, in order to shake up the police planners.



What if, as some internet reports suggest, the so called "mass protests" in Syria are not grass-roots but western backed? What if, as with Iraq, Libya and Iran, some of the second-hand "news" stories are fake? And so, until we can trust the TV news & national press, what if we do not support protests against Syria?


P.S. Sorry for going off-topic but - despite the lack of good first-hand reports - might not some consider what is happening in Syria is some kind of Occupy/People Power movement?


My concern is multitudes of small activities draining the hope from the movement.

Perhaps...Maybe....we need to plan for LARGE movements spaced months apart
in order to draw the masses...and give the masses time to be informed.

The May Day Strike is good. I wish it was for an entire week though.
I am afraid one day won't affect or effect the status quo enough.

My hope is for July 4th in Philadelphia.

lee mulcahy, phd

Wise counsel. Stay peaceful and nonviolent---both the tea party and #ows. Philadelphia? The police in the cities don't seem to be in favor of protest. However, #ows July 4th in Aspen is more practical for several reasons:
1. media exposure.
July 4th in aspen is a gathering of the elites. Good aspen ideas festival. 1/2 the NYT op-ed columnists are speaking... [the runway is packed with the elites' jets for the, an elite gathering of elites.]

#ows occupy the aspen ideas festival 06.27-07.04 2012.

2. We r the 99%.

Creating a union between #ows and the tea party. Differences? Yes. Similiarities: Both oppose the elites' corruption of government. Both believe in liberty. Both want the $ out of politics.
Local tea partyers in aspen could try and convince other colorado tea partyers to occupy the aspen ideas festival in solidarity with the occupiers. Bring the anger of white male america to the occupy movement. Nothing scares the elites more than to see angry white males with pitchforks. Especially in the West. all 5 of us in the tea party of aspen will be there.

3. most importantly,pitkin county sheriff joe and aspen chief of police richard believe in peaceful protest. richard is australian and a good man. both believe in the bob braudis definition of protest: freedom.


Please tell me that you are not integrating with the tea part,everyone has a right to join,I'm aware of that...The tea party is falling quickly do to their many leaders and special interest parties,which does not represent The 99%


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