Test Run Of Occupy Chicago

Why was it attacked?

Occupiers from across the middle of America are gathering in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend for an Occupy the Midwest regional summit that will build connections and lay the foundation for May’s #OCCUPYCHICAGO swarms and #LAUGHRIOT jams. Yesterday, on the first day of the summit occupiers attempted to set up an encampment in a local park. It was a bold move, and one that sets the stage for attempts that will be made in Chicago. The police reacted swiftly and brutally. Eyewitnesses report that tazers were used, a dozen arrests were made, and several occupiers were led away with their faces covered in blood. The video below shows a mob of billy-club wielding, disorganized cops descending on the encampment, ripping up tents and arresting people.

Watch this video summary of the day’s events and discuss below your strategies for how the movement can overcome police repression in May.

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Start with rc drones (unarmed) managed from unknown site and distance as protective robotic swarms.

Swarm in to surround and protect those that are being oppressed by creating a living active shield/barrier.

The intense buzzing and unique nature of the drone swarm perceived autonomous intelligence can become distracting and ultimately scare away abusers and attackers as if they were confronted with swarms of angry yellow jackets.


Yeah, wrong paradigm too.

Equip robots with loudspeakers and remote control. Every protester is replaced with a robo copy and chants through their own speaker on their robot from a safe distance. Iphone interface would be snazzy. But it doesn't have to be expensive. Maybe $50 per occubot?

Much less wear-and-tear on the bodily flesh and organs.


Call it active passivity if you will.

Self preservation is of central import for sentient beings particularly when attempting to communicate a point or make positive course corrections in a society.

Robotic drone swarms acting as shields allow the human to be automatically protected without being defensive or antagonistic to those seeking to do harm.

Perhaps a design such as beautiful feathered ornithopters is appropriate thereby not only being active/passive in protecting the potential victim but also offering the unique visuals that will enthrall and even possibly deter any attacks due to their unique and surprising nature and elegance.

What is a brutal thug to do when confronted with a swarm of beautiful hummingbirds surrounding and protecting an innocent human being?

Many possibilities.


Oh man! All you scum sucking fascist baby killing white people are really in for it now!

All the upper-middle class pretty white people are starting to come out. In droves! And they look pissed!

This is starting to look like it's finally going to be something fun to watch.

A real Reach for the Top.

Y'all bad white people are really in for it!


Had a long day of protesting?

Are you hungry and corralled into a small location and getting closed in on by cops?

Do they seem over caffeinated, sleep deprived, and angry?

Are they now throwing you to the ground and stomping on you, many armoured attackers with weapons on one person?

Then this might be for you!!! The techniques are particular for one on one, but the principles still apply.

Cover to protect, expose targets like the stomach and ribs to protect more vital organs, roll away from your attackers, don't crawl. The turtle position allows you the most mobility and protection on the ground from multiple attackers. Though if you utilize any type of sweep this may get you charged with assault!!!

Buy NOW!!!


yep expose your spine and the back of your head to clubs and kicks. do they still collect pop tabs for wheelchairs?


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