Test Run Of Occupy Chicago

Why was it attacked?

Occupiers from across the middle of America are gathering in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend for an Occupy the Midwest regional summit that will build connections and lay the foundation for May’s #OCCUPYCHICAGO swarms and #LAUGHRIOT jams. Yesterday, on the first day of the summit occupiers attempted to set up an encampment in a local park. It was a bold move, and one that sets the stage for attempts that will be made in Chicago. The police reacted swiftly and brutally. Eyewitnesses report that tazers were used, a dozen arrests were made, and several occupiers were led away with their faces covered in blood. The video below shows a mob of billy-club wielding, disorganized cops descending on the encampment, ripping up tents and arresting people.

Watch this video summary of the day’s events and discuss below your strategies for how the movement can overcome police repression in May.

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Damn. Those Midwestern pigs really are pigs. There's some hefty boys their just beggin for a heart attack.


I would love to chronicle these events to show to sympathetic lawmakers to get an investigation by the Justice Dept. But we need these livestreamers to have lights. Otherwise we can't demonstrate the police violence. Also, it would be hopeful if the protesters could exercise enough discipline to stop cursing at the cops. We need to take the high road. It makes them look even worse.


If you're going to label an protesting event as a "test run" of May's Occupy Chicago, at least do so for an event that's actually in Chicago so that the connection can actually appear legit. Otherwise, it just looks like you're shamelessly plugging your ideas to an event that's clearly unrelated.


Leave marbles one easily roll-able surfaces when they attack you; spray them with paint; smoke grenades to help cover our recovery; basic magic tricks and comedia del arte theatrics.

Basically we all become clowninjas.
Gas them or everyone with laughing gas or some other narcotic?

Should throw acid?

No. Violence is never a good idea.

We ought to kettle them somehow though...

What we need most is critical mass. Then we can swarm around them... somehow we all need bicycles, or skateboards, or jet packs, or wings of some sort to be more intimidating- but not violent or scary... simply massive... like a parade.

What we need at Occupy is a massive, all out colorful gay pride, Muslim, black, and suburban white children dressed in the most colorful clothing possible, but all covering black of course for a black bloc.

But then the men should dress as women, the women should dress as men with fake beards and we can complete confuse them even further.

And we sing, constantly. And act as sexually innocent, like Lolita or some such, per say, every time the police tease us.

Sexually confuse the macho aggressors.

The secret is that all genders and people and sexes have no psychological difference and that those words truly mean nothing since their only purpose is to separate people into categories...

Imagine a critical mass of people, flooding every street, as a swarming, rainbow parade. Everyone wearing dresses and singing and laughing on the freshest morning of May. Its a never ending pic-nick of clowns and magicians, musicians, graffiti artists, poets and lovers.

Then imagine taunting the police...


Amen. Nobody is even taking the whole occupy movement seriously anymore. You seem to be protesting just because you like protesting. Any effect you may have had on the national dialogue has long since faded.


that's religious speak! and who said people who talk just to talk shouldn't? we could lose. that isn't a joke...


Police repression is a problem. But it is one that was easily predictable. One problem that's even worse: is that there were just a few people there. What's going to take for people to realize that we need to make an epic stand against this system. It's not some juvenile joke like someone stated before, it's just a sad fact that you weren't there with them, backing them up, making them not just a few protesters manifesting that the police can easily dismantle, but something bigger - the voice of the people. It's only when things reach that epic proportion that any change can become possible. I'm not even an American, but this isn't about where you're born - it's something that involves every person on this planet. It's not rage about some specific government, it's just that things need to change. Fast.


When are we gonna get Robots?

How many more of us have to be paralyzed before we start putting our electromechanics to work buildind occubots?


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