Tactical Briefing #8

Let us know your action plan. We'll share as many as we can.

Here we go … next Monday we all start living without dead time for a week … who knows what new ambiences and psychic possibilities we will create and what new worlds we can give birth to. Here's a few words of inspiration to rile you up:

I propose that all of us, both individually and in our immediate circle, cultivate a sense of restlessness and readiness for the coming change in conciousness. Let us withdraw not only our votes from the Great Machine and its servants. Wherever possible we must altogether stop playing that game, and we must gradually incapacitate everything that runs in the old direction: military installations and freeways, nuclear power stations and airports, chemical factories and large hospitals, supermarkets and factory-like educational institutions …

Let us reflect on how we can feed, warm, clothe, educate and keep ourselves healthy independently of the Great Machine. Let us begin working on our indepedence from it now – before it has total control of us, concreting us in, poisoning us, suffocating us and, sooner rather than later, subjecting us to total atomic annihilation.

—Rudolf Bahro


Almost 200 groups in over 30 countries are now up at MeetUp.com/Buy-Nothing-Day. From Cape Town to Hyderabad from Sao Paulo to Moscow, momentum is building. Be sure to find your local event.

Let us know your action plan. We'll share as many as we can. And be sure to find and join your local event. If there isn't one near you, make one! And for campaign resources (posters, action ideas, etc) check out Adbusters.org/bnd. Good luck!

Picture of a bus stop billboard with a BND poster in it

San Diego, California. The Motivated Youth jammed a billboard to promote their barter market.

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