A Week of Living Without Dead Time

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Carnivalesque Rebellion Nov. 22–28: A sudden unexpected moment of truth, a mass reversal of perspective, a global mindshift – from which the corporate/consumerist forces never fully recover.

Tactical Briefing:


Our rebellion against a future that does not compute is only two weeks away. Things are heating up. The recent protests in Greece, Toronto, Spain and France all started off full of gusto, but in the end yielded little. Activists around the world take note: massive 1960s style protests now only reinforce the existing order – without these spectacles of resistance, capitalism would lose its dynamic spark.

So this November let's try a new tactical beginning: A week of myriad little local actions flaring up spontaneously all over the world. We attack capitalism – not at officially sanctioned protests – but like a swarm of bees attacking a wounded beast: with a billion incessant stings. Day after day, week after week, we keep escalating our actions until the cost of doing business as usual becomes impossible to bear … and the bloodied beast finally falls to its knees.

Organize a local action at MeetUp.com/Buy-Nothing-Day and get resources for the week at Adbusters.org/bnd.


Georges Friedmann

With any genuine act of rebellion, it is normal to feel pangs of anxiety and a few butterflies in the belly. Instead of suppressing these emotions, cherish and amplify them. They are nothing but the healthy indication that you are finally living. And when you are most afraid, remind yourself that every great revolution has been sparked by those who felt trepidation moments before victory. So, do not shy away; prepare yourself for the necessity of action by meditating on the following sage words:

"Take flight each day! At least for a moment, however brief, as long as it is intense. Every day a 'spiritual exercise,' alone or in the company of a man who also wishes to better himself … Leave ordinary time behind. Make an effort to rid yourself of your own passions … Become eternal by surpassing yourself. This inner effort is necessary, this ambition, just. Many are those who are entirely absorbed in militant politics, in the preparation for the social revolution. Rare, very rare, are those who, in order to prepare for the revolution, wish to become worthy of it." —Georges Friedmann

Action: Announce the Rebellion to the World!

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From now till the Carnival begins let's plaster the planet with our call for insurrection. Grab a sign from Adbusters.org/bnd and nail up a dozen on your street, campus, everywhere …

Adbusters #93: The Big Ideas of 2011

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