Tactical Briefing #6

A tsunami of dissent is building that has the potential to fundamentally transform society.

Carnivalesque Rebellion: A sudden unexpected moment of truth, a mass reversal of perspective, a global mindshift – from which the corporate/consumerist forces never fully recover.

Tactical Briefing:


A few days ago protests against the status quo erupted across Europe. The Prime Minister of Iceland was pelted with eggs; a man outraged by bank bailouts drove a cement truck into the gates of the Irish Parliament; and over 100,000 workers from two dozen countries took to the streets in Brussels. However, the most spectacular actions of all occurred in Spain where 20% of the population, and an astronomical 42% of those under the age of 25, are unemployed.

For twenty-four hours, Barcelona was shut down by a general strike: public transit ground to a halt, cafes were shuttered and garbage collection ceased. Later, as passions rose, a Levi's clothing store was looted and its merchandise distributed to the crowd, a police car was torched and riot cops tussled with everyday folk. And in a sign that this time the insurrectionary passion will not subside, Portugal's largest union is calling for a general strike on November 24th which is, coincidentally, in the midst of the global Carnivalesque Rebellion. "We think that there are now conditions for wide protests, a wave of strife that we have not seen in decades," one observer explained.

These events in Europe are truly exhilarating. They suggest that a tsunami of dissent is building that has the potential to fundamentally transform society. If this rebellious mood keeps boiling then November 22–28 may well turn out to be the catalytic global mindshift moment we've all been waiting for.


Malcolm Gladwell

Get inspired to take your hand off the mouse by Malcolm Gladwell's uplifting story of how four courageous students sparked a wave of protest without Twitter. Then get a taste for the future of activism in this quick blast on the Guardian website written by Adbusters contributing editor Micah White.


No Starbucks!

#NOSTARBUCKS is thriving as jammers around the world are boycotting Starbucks and going indie. And a few have already begun to turn their local coffee houses into meeting spots for brainstorming November actions. If you haven't started, now is the time to plan what you'll do during the week of rebellion. And let us know what you're up to: [email protected]

Is Economic Progress Killing the Planet? Poster by Jonathan Barnbrook

Meanwhile, send this metameme to your friends, nail it to an econ prof's door, pass it out in the cafeteria... Demand to know: "Is economic progress killing the planet?"

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