Tactical Briefing #3

Can we move from chanting “Another World Is Possible” to proclaiming “Another World Has Come”?

Hey meme warriors, jammers, creatives,

Three months from now, a Carnivalesque Rebellion against consumerism will sweep across the globe. We want to set off seven days and nights of unpredictable, creative mayhem in hundreds of cities around the world. We want to catalyze a global flash point – a sudden, unexpected moment of truth – the birth of a "slow" revolution that, over the next few years, will radically alter the way the world is run.

Folk in cities across the globe are now planning for this rebellion. They've sent us myriad ideas for how it could unfold: everything from holding mass hummings in shopping centres/commercial areas to standing naked in front of our oppressors in banks carrying signs that say "What more will you take from us now?" … all the way to critical massings, street parties, flash mobs and visceral acts of civil disobedience. What will you do? Send your most inspiring action ideas to [email protected].

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Tactical Briefing:

Members of the Taliban relaxing with their families

A tantalizing glimpse into the daily lives of Afghan insurgents. Nothing helps us look at the world in a different way more than seeing what a war looks like from the other side.


WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange

Wikileaks shocked the world by releasing 91,000 classified documents about the US war in Afghanistan and a video showing an American Apache helicopter firing on unarmed Iraqi civilians and journalists. On the run from the US military who want to silence his organization, Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange continues to prove his mettle as a meme warrior of global proportions.


Broken Nike Swoosh Spoof

In TACTICAL BRIEFING #1 and #2 we initiated a worldwide boycott of Starbucks and called for a rejuvenation of local indie coffee culture. Now we continue our attack on megacorporations by calling for the unswooshing of Nike.

After purchasing Converse in 2003, Nike thought they could buy the rebellious spirit once embodied by wearing Chucks. But neither revolution nor cool are up for sale and now the time has come to divest from this truly pathetic megacorporation and its subsidiaries: Converse, Hurley, Umbro, and Cole Haan. Here's the hash tag that will fell goliath: #UNSWOOSHNIKE

Just do it: don't buy another pair of Nikes and urge your friends to do the same. If you already own a pair then take a marker and paint a blackspot over the logo for all to see. And next time you walk past a Niketown, slap a Just Douche It or All Empires Must Fall poster on the front door or window … or better still, go inside and draw little blackspots everywhere.

And help spread the #UNSWOOSHNIKE meme so that the whole world knows that Nike's production of top down, megacorporate cool is finally coming to an end.

Call for Input to Adbusters #92

The next issue of Adbusters is a theoretical and practical handbook for the November rebellion. Send your most inspiring memes and action ideas to [email protected] by next Monday August 23 at the latest.

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