Occupy Claims Victory as Obama Relocates G8 Summit.

The Showdown in Chicago has turned into a G8 Backdown. In a stunning about-face, the Obama administration has moved the Chicago G8 summit to Camp David, an ultra-secure military base in rural Maryland. Despite the tough talk of anti-Occupy technology, ordinances and paramilitary preparations, this is perhaps the first time that a major world summit has been relocated due to anticipated protests. And with only two months left before the summit was to begin, the change of venues is clearly a humiliating decision and a surprising victory of the Occupy movement. The specter of 50,000 nonviolent occupiers flooding the windy city with a list of demands for the world’s political elites was apparently too powerful. The NATO summit will still be meeting in Chicago… for now at least.

Check out this take by on what could be the movement’s next steps and weigh in below on how you think Occupy should react to the G8 backdown.

The Group of 8 Summit, a meeting of the governments of the world’s eight largest economies, was supposed to convene in Chicago this May. For months, Occupy Chicago, international anti-war groups, Anonymous, and hundreds of allies have publicly planned to shut it down. Now, only two months before the meeting is scheduled to begin, U.S. President Barack Obama is moving the assembly of over 7,000 leaders from the world’s wealthiest governments to the Camp David presidential compound, located in rural Maryland near Washington, DC, one of the most secure facilities in the world. The Chicago Tribune reports that summit organizers are “stunned” by the news.


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I saw a comment on this site the other day that said they moved it... I never believed since I don't believe everything I read but now I'm thinking it might have held some merit...

Then again, whose to say that these leaders haven't met up with each other already to decide the fate of the world?

There is so much we don't know and they are all so coordinated that they each know each other by name...

Mustique, the Bohemian Grove, now Camp David... where else do the Wealthy hang out?

Does anyone else out there know of any other places where the Ruling Class go to socialize amongst themselves?


Ah, the ruling class,
If only they still more monocles and top hats, it would be so much easier to spot them.


Are we still at the point we were 30 years ago where the argument is that if it doesn't have a white face then white people won't join in?




This 'victory' speaks volumes about Occupy.

They changed the location of the meeting - SO WHAT??!! Absolutely nothing gets affected by that, and yet Occupy sees it as victory... its a movement fighting for nothing, so when nothing happens, it achieves its objective.


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