The Sun Rises Again

Indignados Ignite!

One year after the Spanish M15 movement inspired the world with their peaceful city-square occupations, millions have flooded the Spanish streets again. Their message: we’re still there, and more powerful than ever.


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Oh TPTB want so bad to believe that OWS is waning. HAAAA. Not hardly. OWS is it. We will occupy worldwide. The people are enlightened. We will not murder each other for the wealth of a few. We will not work for contrived debt to make a few richer than Gods. The One Percent are done. Everyday we take a brink from their walls. Everyday we reveal their crimes. Everyday we build our numbers, Everyday we stand up for people over corporations and elite control.

The New Paradigm is community, local economics, safe environments, safe food, accessible health care, affordable education.

A livable world with shelter, health care, and food security WILL BE OURS!!


there is a gap between your rhetoric and reality

the OccuHordes are not actually building any of that stuff you're talking about


Oh yes, we are. We've been unraveling the lies, calling out the naked emperors, Jamie Diamond today, Blankfein tomorrow. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield declared war criminals, Spain showing muscle of the people, Greece saying, "No thanks, you keep it." Iceland says, "FO".

Slavery by Debt's days are numbered. That genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE.


Following on from "Oh yes, we are. We've been unraveling the lies" Jamie Diamond seems to be having a few problems with share-holders right now. Wonder if Max knows?


First of all its Dimon ( not 'diamond'). And his problems with the share holders hasn't forced him out of his position. Todays news:

(AP) — "The CEO of JPMorgan Chase offered a quick but blunt apology to shareholders Tuesday for a $2 billion trading loss that "should never have happened" and survived a push to strip him of the title of chairman of the board."

So he hasn't resigned and it doesn't look as if he will be forced to either. Occupy cannot take any credit for what JPMorgan does or does not do, they don't take their orders from the streets.


He will go down and so will the banking cartel. They're done. The gig is up. The people are done supporting a bunch of losers who think we are cattle.


wrong, banking will be stronger than ever, even though people are camping out in public and stamping their little feet


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