Tactical Briefing #36

The Strategic Pincer.


Alright all you existential diggers and expectant souls out there,

Defying all cynicism, the passion on the streets keeps burning … with the crisis of capitalism intensifying people’s rage only grows, erupting in unexpected places like Quebec, Moscow, Mexico, Tel Aviv, Khartoum, Addis Ababa … meanwhile we keep learning new tricks in Madrid, Los Angeles, Greece, Palestine, Manhattan and Hong Kong.

The Zuccotti encampment model may have had its day, but the spirit of our movement lives on in the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of people around the world who know in their gut that the future does not compute.

Now a new operational model is emerging: the strategic pincer —> We attack the global financial system from above with big bang protests, uprisings and revolts —> concurrently we attack the global financial system from below with hundreds of daily move-your-money actions at the 35,000 branches of megabanks worldwide.

The Bank of America has 6,200 branches, Wells Fargo 6,600, JPMorgan Chase 5,500, Citigroup 1,300; Barclays has 4,700 branches in 50 countries, Deutsche Bank 3,100 in 72 countries, HSBC 7,200 in 85 and Goldman Sachs has over 70 offices worldwide … in front of these outposts of global capital we pitch our tents, bang our pots and pans, hold our credit card cut ups … we hand out pamphlets to the customers going in and out … we engage them in passionate conversation and convince them to move their money … we trigger a chain reaction and move $1-trillion away from the megabanks before yearend, changing global banking for good.

With our strategic pincer we beat the shit out of global capitalism over the next few months — metaphorically speaking of course — and then we escalate towards a series of global solutions: a Robin Hood Tax, pushing through a binding accord on climate change and launching hybrid Blue/Green Pirate political parties in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, Japan …

Stay loose, play jazz, keep the faith … Capitalism is heaving and our movement has just begun.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ

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Aloha- The spirit of Zuccotti lives on- Solidarity from DeOccupy Honolulu-# D 260 of continuous encampment & protest-We have the Aloha Spirit Revolution- Mahalo for the article-sharing-


Imagine your survival shrunk to a split second decision. Welcome to the revolution. Money is not a tool that will save you now.


Two notes:

1) I've pulled my money out of a chain and put it into a local bank in the past month.

2) Help Bernie help you today. Efforts on all fronts can only help. Spread the word on the Saving American Democracy Amendment:


You can only make a small dent with that. First of all there aren't enough community banks and credit unions to provide for millions and millions of new costumers. But let's say they were set up for this, you would literally need to have millions of people do this in order for these banks to feel the pinch. These banks are not dependent on the little guy who put's their small bit of cash in the bank, it makes its money from mid to large business and investments ventures which have nothing to do with your little savings account. Goldman Sachs is an investment firm working with nations, other banks and businesses, Goldman Sachs couldn't care less where you put your money. When GS cooked the books for Greece they made huge huge profits AND they are owed by the Greek government, do you really think they care where the average person puts their money? No. They already have more money than the worth of all working and middle class people put together. They account for a portion of the US GDP, this is why you saw all of those congressmen kissing jamie Dimon's a**. So it may make people feel better to have their money in a credit union or community bank which is more likely to support small business etc, don't think you will slow down the machinery of these large investment too-big-to-fail banks. The money the average person represents is chump change to them and not something they would feel at all.


Ask yourself this; If banks cared about the pennies of working people then why do they have their hand in fleecing them? Greece, Spain etc. These nations are going broke to these banks. These banks don't care if these people work, eat or go homeless. So why would they care where they put their 3 cents? They don't. They already have all the money, that's the point. This is why they're called too big to fail. What you need is for governments to break them up, then you would have broken the cartel. Your suggestion is quaint but not really effective.


Dear non American places.

I am sorry you are doing bad and I cant help it if you are incompetent and cant be productive like us.

Sincerely, The Most Productive Country in the world.


Dear ignorant American. You aren't the most productive, so stop believing your own bullshit. Whilst your country produces more trash than any other, in terms of GDP per hour worked, Norway has you thrashed. But I guess the Norweigians can't help if you are incompetent.


Also, GDP is a pretty crappy measure of a countries "success", given that it's a pretty good approximation for how quickly a country is destroying the planet.


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