Tactical Briefing #36

The Strategic Pincer.


Alright all you existential diggers and expectant souls out there,

Defying all cynicism, the passion on the streets keeps burning … with the crisis of capitalism intensifying people’s rage only grows, erupting in unexpected places like Quebec, Moscow, Mexico, Tel Aviv, Khartoum, Addis Ababa … meanwhile we keep learning new tricks in Madrid, Los Angeles, Greece, Palestine, Manhattan and Hong Kong.

The Zuccotti encampment model may have had its day, but the spirit of our movement lives on in the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of people around the world who know in their gut that the future does not compute.

Now a new operational model is emerging: the strategic pincer —> We attack the global financial system from above with big bang protests, uprisings and revolts —> concurrently we attack the global financial system from below with hundreds of daily move-your-money actions at the 35,000 branches of megabanks worldwide.

The Bank of America has 6,200 branches, Wells Fargo 6,600, JPMorgan Chase 5,500, Citigroup 1,300; Barclays has 4,700 branches in 50 countries, Deutsche Bank 3,100 in 72 countries, HSBC 7,200 in 85 and Goldman Sachs has over 70 offices worldwide … in front of these outposts of global capital we pitch our tents, bang our pots and pans, hold our credit card cut ups … we hand out pamphlets to the customers going in and out … we engage them in passionate conversation and convince them to move their money … we trigger a chain reaction and move $1-trillion away from the megabanks before yearend, changing global banking for good.

With our strategic pincer we beat the shit out of global capitalism over the next few months — metaphorically speaking of course — and then we escalate towards a series of global solutions: a Robin Hood Tax, pushing through a binding accord on climate change and launching hybrid Blue/Green Pirate political parties in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, Japan …

Stay loose, play jazz, keep the faith … Capitalism is heaving and our movement has just begun.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ

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Why not just move your money to a small local bank (credit union) and urge your friends to do the same. Do a reverse marketing job on them (the banks). Get info out there how these people have swindled you. If they have no customers they ummm...will close their branches and offices? Will thye force the gov'ment to bail them out with customers? Can the Fed print customers?


I thought it would be that easy too. My mother who is a nursing supervisor doesn't have access to a credit union and upon looking at the NY community bank we discovered that in "New York Community Bank's entire portfolio, there are 328 buildings with more than three B and C violations per unit serving a total of 6469 families. Additionally, 118 multifamily buildings in their portfolio have five or more code violations per unit, which is New York City's Department of Housing Preservation and Development's (HPD) statutory definition of distressed housing. That represents housing for nearly 1700 families. New York Community bank also claims that it has "a long-held practice of retaining the multi-family loans it originates", which is also untrue. NYCB just sold the mortgages on 8 severely distressed buildings in foreclosure in the Bronx to an unnamed buyer at an unnamed price. NYCB refused to say who the buyer is despite repeated requests from the New York City's Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the City Council. The 309 apartments have more than 1600 outstanding code violations." I don't want to move my money from one corrupt bank into another corrupt bank. Just because a bank is "community based" doesn't mean its behaving morally better.

So what to do?


You make great points, and community banks and credit unions aren't necessarily any better than the larger banks in terms of their business practices. Since laws allow for corporate entities to behave unethically, they skirt or break the law, knowing the fines they face pale in comparison to the profits made. That's why you'll continually see the larger banks being fined by the SEC, and even settling with the DOJ. Community banks are heavily invested in commercial real estate, and that's another bubble ready to burst.

Unfortunately, moving our money isn't going to make any difference because of one thing... The majority of profits in the banking sector aren't being generated from our checking and savings accounts. Their profits come from over-leveraging, HFT, illegal price fixing (as in the recent LIBOR scandal), pension fund skimming and OTC derivatives.


If ALL the small savers were to move ALL their money to locally run community banks and credit unions, how can it NOT have some impact? At least it would be a start.


It's not logical to assume every savings account holder will move their money. But if it were to have SOME impact, you'd need at least a quarter of the country's account holders moving their money. Then you'd see downsizing of the larger banks, expansion of the community banking sector and cost increases passed on to customers. I don't think it's an effective strategy, even though if it makes people feel better to do it, that's enough. But it can't stop the criminality of the large financial institutions, nor will it affect their profitability. They'll simply adjust their branches, payrolls and ATM numbers in response. And community banks would become larger and more bureaucratic as a result.


Looking at this another way, if the TV news reported that of a quarter of the country's account holders moved their money in one one day, that would be a shock-to-the-system, Then again, locally owned and run by it's members, a true community bank should have limits on how large or bureaucratic it is able to become. Anyway, what is wrong with people feeling good about their actions?


Gotta love Adbusters. In the same sentence, saying we're gonna beat the shit out of capitalism, and then pushing for more reformist tactics of a Robin Hood Tax and Green Political Parties.

Keep jamming, keep agitating. See you in the streets!


more vote with your dollars crap for people with dollars to avoid people without dollars. fail.


Dear humanity,

If our intent is to fight we end up being on one side or the other. If we choose to cooperate to give everyone need and want we are living for each others well being. This is a choice. Nothing intellectual or emotional about freedom and liberty. Our focus can and must be to unite humanity to free humanity. Our planet has no chance of sustaining us without a global mind and heart shift. We need a platform by which we can all agree to live in relative peace, harmony and abundance for all life...

Look at this platform and tell me why you would sign to this global Agreement to free humanity.




In recognition of so many Documentaries like Zeitgeist Moving Forward, Thrive, Collective Evolution II, Kymatica, and their creators, and the Occupy Movement leading toward a free humanity… we create this platform by which all people can agree to a new paradigm of freedom and abundance for all life.
The People's Global Convention is being held on the Internet in all the languages of the world. WE change the paradigm by eliminating the middle man which is $$$$$ + power over the people. We eliminate the competitive profiteering altogether as a global family. We agree to cooperate across all borders and We do this without courts and laws, or politics or leaders. We bypass all the power structures and hold the “People's Global Convention Agreement” right now, in everyone's home, or wherever we can access a computer.

The Paradigm shift will happen only if most of us agree to insure everyone's Security, and Dignity. Only then will we heal from the insanity of this age of slavery, self denial, ignorance, and egocentric madness. Voting for representatives to do the profiteer's bidding is stupid, and obviously suicidal.

In the new paradigm we learn that every situation needs common sense and environmental and social choices that sustain a healthy planet and humanity. We don't need laws or leaders. We need the experts in all the fields of life to keep all the people educated about the truth in life, not the propaganda of the profiteer's. Everyone’s vote is counted no matter the age. We all learn the truth and choose to live by the truth. The truth is…we all must have our dignity or we don’t survive the course we are on.

We the People are holding this Global Convention on the Internet to sign this agreement to give every Human on the Planet full choice on how to live together as community’s and cultures and live in autonomy as individuals. This is not any kind of ism. Not an agreement for communism or socialism or democracy. This is an agreement for freedom, security and dignity for all life.

By signing this People’s Global Convention Agreement we all agree herein to live in a free and kind world. We agree that Nature has the same rights as human beings. We afford our planets full recovery from mans ravaging. We agree that intense intimate cooperation across all borders is essential to reviving our planet’s surface, water, and interior. We agree to afford, and give every human, security, dignity, and abundance from birth till death. All of life is free upon need, and request. Health care, education, shelter, clothing, and food, and transportation, communication, and everything always free.

We agree where conflict or poverty occurs of any kind the immediate community will realize its resolve. No policing or penalties. In severe or perverse situations humane detainment is done. We never torture life.
We agree to No medium of exchange like money or minerals or profiteering will be used or recognized as value or to prejudice each other’s value. Every human is given what they need and want. We agree that equality, not equal quantity is the source of all wisdom.
We agree to No laws. No representative governing of any kind. No heads of state or bureaucrats of any kind. No politics. No borders. No military’s of any kind. Stopping all aggression and dismantling all weapons and war machines is paramount.

No passports or Id’s. No licenses. No Courts. Our agreement is for the benefit and well being of all life on our planet.

We the people empower the experts in all the fields of life around the world to cooperate together across all borders to inform and educate the people around the world without prejudice so that all the people can choose and vote from self empowering truth filled knowledge of the subjects in hopes of benevolent and wise intent for all matters regarding how we live.

In cooperation the infrastructures are maintained until we create natural systems to replace oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear fission… We agree to use hemp and water and hydrogen and solar and Nuclear Fusion and organic and new technologies that have been suppressed. We have always had the solutions that maintain harmony with nature while providing dignity for all life!

In cooperation We can convert all military personnel, engineering, and transportation systems into building infrastructure and reviving our ecosystems wherever needed.

In cooperation, made locally and work and serve locally wherever possible is paramount. No more small packages whenever possible. Naturalizing our ways of producing is paramount.

This agreement signifies our willingness to cooperate and forgive our transgressions and live and let live.
By signing this Global Agreement we affirm that we choose to be responsible citizen-voter’s of all matters local and Global for the well being of all life on Earth.

With Billions of signatures the military’s will be on the side of the people and freedom for all life. Worldwide the Military’s will gladly protect the people.

For everyone who wants a peaceful world, please sign below.

Once a vast majority of the 7 billion people on the planet have signed this agreement, or a global mind shift has occurred, on that day we will declare our freedom and begin our new paradigm.

Birth Year_________________________________________________________
Where You Live____________________________________________________
What You Love_____________________________________________________

This is it…we are freeing humanity and saving our planet.

Print out your Signed Global Agreement. Cherish the moment!

For questions… ask your conscience, or read it again and again until the old paradigm is no more!!!

Conceived and written by a compassionate, loving, humanity.

1 970 403 2956 [email protected]


"With Billions of signatures the military’s will be on the side of the people and freedom for all life. Worldwide the Military’s will gladly protect the people".



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