Neoclassical Sheep Walk

Kick it over on your campus.

As the old paradigm crumbles, the fatal flaws of neoclassical economics are quickly being exposed to the world. This is a time of reawakening and rebirth: the age in which a new, more chaotic, more biologically and ecologically based paradigm is struggling to be born. This is the moment to align ourselves with the mavericks – to become agitators and provocateurs. This is the moment to openly challenge our professors and their neoclassical dogma and force the world to face the havoc their models have wrought. You can start by printing off the Kick it Over Manifesto and nailing it, Martin Luther-style, to your professor’s door. Then try staging a Neoclassical Sheep Walk down the corridor of your economics department.

Make this global campus uprising unstoppable.

You can download the manifesto at