The Spring Offensive Has Begun!

Occupy reemerges with festive, righteous anger.


Across the world, Occupy celebrated our reemergence with a bold May Day General Strike. It was a day of tactical innovation and experimentation that sets the tone for the month ahead. Three tactics, in particular, gained prominence: agitating rank-and-file workers and radicalizing unions; deploying temporary, pop-up encampments instead of permanent occupations; and the growing black bloc presence. Over 30,000 occupiers marched in New York with strong union presence while in San Francisco workers disrupted ferry service. In London, occupiers set up tents outside the stock exchange. Meanwhile, in Seattle and Oakland, some militant occupiers embraced black bloc tactics of civil disobedience and property destruction. Overall, the day felt to many like a dress rehearsal for the future. As we move towards May 12, May 18 and May 20, we must, in the words of founding Zuccotti Marisa Holmes, “not just replicate and mimic what we’ve done before — but grow and learn and become even better.” That is the challenge our movement is now beginning to rise toward.

Here is a sample of the best coverage about Occupy’s General Strike.

“The atmosphere was one of festive, righteous anger… As the vanguard of the march, led by taxicabs festooned in banners, crossed Houston Street a huge cry went up and echoed back, turning Broadway into a canyon of noise for block after block. “This is some serious shit,” an onlooker said, shaking his head with a smile, at the throngs weaving back all the way to Union Square.”

Read more at Alternet

“May Day in New York City was beautiful. From the “99 pickets” protest in the morning targeting corporate headquarters in midtown, to the Bryant Park pop-up occupation, to the Free University in Madison Square Park where students and educators went on strike by holding their classes outside, to the joyous, fair-like atmosphere of Union Square and, finally, with the energetic march with tens of thousands of people, chanting, singing, dancing all the way to Wall Street, the city felt re-imagined and re-invigorated. The entire day was inspiring and powerful.”

Read more at the Guardian

Check out a collection of the most powerful photos from the day at The Atlantic and share your experiences and tactical insights below.

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The most innovative thing I saw in London was the occupation, very briefly, of a major traffic intersection near Holborn station. I thought they might stay, but Occupiers moved on. Blocking major traffic exchanges is the best example of civil congestion I can think of, a great way to be heard.



Yes it was a glorious day to re-energize the movement and get us back in the headlines. I personally felt empowered by the whole day in Los Angeles ehere we were heard without resorting to violence. Were the violent black bloc tactics used in Seattle carried out by occupiers? Are you confirming that?I thought we were a non violent movement. If you're condoning that as Occupy, I'm hard blocking which means, yes, I'll leave the movement. I didn't sign up for that.


The Occupy movement has proved itself to be extremely violent, bordering on domestic terrorism. Just yesterday there was a plot to blow up a bridge, packages of white powder sent to various places, windows smashed, businesses looted, people assaulted, smoke bombs, etc. This is NOT a non violent movement by any stretch of the imaginations. I would leave the movement now before you get lumped in with these thugs and terrorists.


Yes, because there are violent people within a group, or more likely, planted violent people paid to sabotage a group, the group is bad and has no merit.

Yeah, in stupid slave idiot brainwash land. FO


How convenient! Anytime people within the Occupy movement commit or plan to commit violent acts, we are told that they are actually undercover agents planted to make the Occupiers look bad. This would be a brilliant strategy. Unfortunately, though, nobody ever offers a shred of evidence that this is the case. Conspiracy theories are one way people deal with uncertainty and confusion. Rather than actually confront the deep, serious problems in their movement, Occupiers would rather believe that their the victim of a vast conspiracy. This way they can continue to paint themselves as victims, regardless of how many people their movement continues to victimize.


Ideological purists, the purging of undesirable progressive reformists, paranoid obsession with co-option to the point that you supporters look like enemies...hell it sounds like the bolsheviks & khmer rouge rolled up in one.


You need help. Just because you drool for a dominatrix to control your every bowel movement doesn't mean the rest of us are into it. Go suck some bankers balls and get out of here.


Study before you talk. The thing with the bomb and bridge on May Day was a frame up. Who do you work for?


I'm not sure what you're expecting. The 1960's were violent. The labor battles of the Old Left were violent. You're complaining about anarchists today? In the 1910's they were heavily integrated in the labor movement in general. The "hippies" were even more bellicose than Occupy, especially in Europe, where they nearly overthrew the French government in 1968.

My advise to you is to focus less on what individuals are doing, and focus more on the injustices of the system.


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