We Don't Pay

Could Occupy catalyze a wildcat consumer revolt in May?

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Last week, occupiers in New York City chained open subway entrances and posted official looking notices inviting the public to ride for free. Their innovative action caused an immediate sensation in the Occupy movement suggesting that similar jams will be carried out worldwide in May.

Jammers explained that the fare strike was done to show the connection between the de-funding of public transportation and the financial takeover of democracy: "Instead of using our tax money to properly fund transit, Albany and City Hall have intentionally starved transit of public funds for over twenty years; the MTA must resort to bonds (loans from Wall Street) to pay for projects and costs ... more than $2 billion a year goes to debt service ... by 2018 more than one out of every five dollars of MTA revenue will head to a banker’s pockets." Union leadership agreed.

Authorities in New York City were swift to condemn, even going so far as to release surveillance footage of the occupiers calmly pulling off this audacious jam. It is no surprise that they are worried. This is perhaps the first time that the fare strike tactic has been successfully deployed in America and it is a sign that the I Don’t Pay movement which has been flourishing in Europe is finally leaping to North America. In Greece, jammers routinely occupy toll booths and public transportation entrances allowing everyone to pass for free.

As Occupy matures, it is beginning to learn a few new tricks. If Occupy adopts the I Don’t Pay movement’s fare strike tactic, we just might see May’s uprising snowball into a wildcat consumer revolt–a mass refusal to pay–the likes of which the world has never seen.

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But, but running transit costs money.....a shitload of it. If they don't get it from fares, where should they get it from? And doesn't stealing from them turn us into what we hate....theives? No mean comments please. Just questioning the tactic :^}


No, not a valid point. The point you're both missing is that we, the 99%, have paid for the service already via taxes. Transportation, and virtually every other public service, is under siege by politicians who strip away more and more money each year. Public works must then borrow money, incurring debt, fees, and interest. The public suffers by being burdened by higher fees for everything from subway rides to healthcare. The bankers want their payment for putting whatever politician is getting bought this time into office, so that politician introduces a bill that is moved into law by the other corrupt politicians, and that is how the bankers are extracting money from the public indirectly in this case and in countless others.


.......................i believe the point was , is it stealing when you are dealing with the thief who took your stuff..

if i am a member/ believer in the free and equal stuff rule then i lose the right to be such a member when i steal. why..? .my stuff, all of it , is now fair game , because ethically , i have denounced my attachment and support of the rights to all of us being able to keep our own stuff....when i catch a car prowler , i turn him inside out , impulsively , and give all his stuff to the next crackhead............... .[.i visited seattle a bunch ]............why would we make excuses to do less to those who we trust in positions of power ..?...why isnt it a much worse crime to be a govt worker/ police/social service , who is abusing their position, instead of the worst crimes being those by people unable to change their options ..? is a crime to steal from a person', morally , vibrationally, spiritually...........
then , it is also a crime to not steal from the pillars of power who are abusing such power and stealing the life and culture and saftey of the entire species .....all history points to this type of moment as the moment of revolution , when the moment comes for those without power to be empowered , and the method ; how the perspective to view such grey and muddy affairs as the way stealing is semantically adjusted


"In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women."

-Tony Montana

So, lets look at everything that is detrimental to a cooperative society stemming from this mentality, replete in the Gangsta street culture sold to the masses.

-Women as commodity

-Money as social lubricant (as opposed to say, sharing)

-Power as social leverage to achieve one's aims (as opposed to say, knowledge)

and... DISCUSS!


Because in order to succeed you must first be "seen." And if you are seen, you will be perceived as wrong, illegal, immoral--different. The Spectacle's main sources of creative energy are all in prison. If you're not a nuclear family or a guided tour of the Republican Party, then why are you meeting every Monday evening? To do drugs? illicit sex? income tax evasion? satanism?

And of course the chances are good that your Immediatist group is engaged in something illegal--since almost everything enjoyable is in fact illegal. Babylon hates it when anyone actually enjoys life, rather than merely spends money in a vain attempt to buy the illusion of enjoyment. Dissipation, gluttony, bulimic overconsumption--these are not only legal but mandatory. If you don't waste yourself on the emptiness of commodities you are obviously queer & must by definition be breaking some law. True pleasure in this society is more dangerous than bank robbery. At least bank robbers share Massa's respect for Massa's money. But you, you perverts, clearly deserve to be burned at the stake --& here come the peasants with their torches, eager to do the State's bidding without even being asked. Now you are the monsters, & your little gothic castle of Immediatism is engulfed in flames. Suddenly cops are swarming out of the woodwork. Are your papers in order? Do you have a permit to exist?


no, no , i did have a permit , but i lost it ...i am disabled and the idea may be new to you , but there those of us who are not able to have it all together , if we do , its because of our fabulous and invisible social support system , and not a given ,......this is protected as a special civil rights bill known as the ada , a bill which actually carries within it the recent and yet radical and historical at once , claim to be a tool to un do the crush of rules being used to needlessly dismantle mankind , to guarantee that the fed govt. do its part as a central enforcer of these special rights ...and fellow , if we could get your help , with the way you write , we might just be able to together prove how illegal our regime is , thus giving us no choice but to abolish and start over , please be patient as i am a socially communicatively disabled person.. a category which suggests that the difficulties in our types are often the result of the crowd , and not our fault , for being bullied ...can be ascribed to the new dsm IV...and using the language and semantics of the science of dysfunctional and abusive batterers , i am of the opinion that it will be clear proof, that in most of the cases of trauma around the us , the batterers are the govt , and we are the beat down , and sad , domestic partner , if certain insane areas , like the one i find myself now , can be held up the light of day by those willing to tell the truth ...who know s what may be possible , given the magic and extraterrestrial and spiritual help i believe the planet gives us when we truly risk it , and give it our all , ....waaddddddya say ?

Bronwyn Elko

Here's yet another story of the 1% stealing from the 99 -- a single mom waitress' here in Vancouver. tips.HTML

Unfortunately, some people mistakenly think the issue is tip-pooling, when in fact it's about restaurant owners stealing server's tips to pay for business expenses and line their own pockets.

I think it's time to Occupy Your Workplace, via rotating flashmobs to protest these greedy practices. Contact me at. [email protected] if you're interested, or if you'd like to share your story with me or possibly CBC's Go Public.

Shangey G.

I can't believe (but am not surprised) this is happening in BC of all places.

Quote from owner/management: "It's a kickback. … they [servers] have to give the restaurant for the entitlement or the privilege to work within that restaurant."

Things are getting so bad in BC because the liberals made everything so "Business-friendly", that it's hostile to employees and worker-unfriendly.

I'm currently looking for work, and I was just involved with a scam -- an owner of a corporation who duped a dozen people to work on some marketing projects for him. He didn't pay anyone, and in less than 4 days I figured out he never had intentions of paying anyone.
Thing is, he can easily take advantage of people because there is an endless talent pool of people looking for work in Vancouver.

The high unemployment rate is allowing workers to be taken advantage of, with business owner's allowed to become as picky, choosey and arrogant as they want when it comes to employee relations.
If it was the other way around, with more jobs than workers, they'd have to sweet talk us, and they wouldn't be allowed to be arrogant, or they wouldn't be able to retain employees. Unfortunately, Canada keeps letting in more immigrants to constantly enlarge the worker pool, which isn't helping the dynamic in any way.

Of course, the Liberals could care less, because they created this Business Friendly environment. Employers love it when people are willing to take any job for a low wage.


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