We Don't Pay

Could Occupy catalyze a wildcat consumer revolt in May?

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Last week, occupiers in New York City chained open subway entrances and posted official looking notices inviting the public to ride for free. Their innovative action caused an immediate sensation in the Occupy movement suggesting that similar jams will be carried out worldwide in May.

Jammers explained that the fare strike was done to show the connection between the de-funding of public transportation and the financial takeover of democracy: "Instead of using our tax money to properly fund transit, Albany and City Hall have intentionally starved transit of public funds for over twenty years; the MTA must resort to bonds (loans from Wall Street) to pay for projects and costs ... more than $2 billion a year goes to debt service ... by 2018 more than one out of every five dollars of MTA revenue will head to a banker’s pockets." Union leadership agreed.

Authorities in New York City were swift to condemn, even going so far as to release surveillance footage of the occupiers calmly pulling off this audacious jam. It is no surprise that they are worried. This is perhaps the first time that the fare strike tactic has been successfully deployed in America and it is a sign that the I Don’t Pay movement which has been flourishing in Europe is finally leaping to North America. In Greece, jammers routinely occupy toll booths and public transportation entrances allowing everyone to pass for free.

As Occupy matures, it is beginning to learn a few new tricks. If Occupy adopts the I Don’t Pay movement’s fare strike tactic, we just might see May’s uprising snowball into a wildcat consumer revolt–a mass refusal to pay–the likes of which the world has never seen.

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What do you think Occupy's biggest mistake has been so far?

Claiming to represent 99% of the population while being unable to achieve a critical mass because of a dearth of ideas and an inability to motivate, organize or plan.

What do you think the general public thinks of Occupy?

The public shares the incoherent rage of Occupy and understands that it is caused by frustrated consumerism on the part of surplus labour in postindustrial societies.


Money is the only thing they understand, so in order for them to actually pay attention to us & take us seriously, we must take away their money. Boycotts & more action like this are needed all over the country, on a massive scale. Then they'll start paying attention.


"What do you think the general public thinks of Occupy?"


Let me see...

Shitting on cop cars
Antisemitic behavior
Filthy public parks

That about covers it.


Have you done a 'survey' on this?- Or is it just that your too damn lazy to do anything other than conform,obey and believer everything Ruling Class Media tells you... Myopic Moron is how you portray yourself


He did answer the question of what the general public thinks of occupy. You may not like the answer, but that is what they think.


...the myth of the general public comes from believing all the little talking heads , in the box ..actually in my own surveys ....99 percent of the people know that 99 percent of their personal problems are caused by the 99 percent of govt workers who not only ruin a good thing for those with heart and soul who also manage to work alongside these hogs of energy and power , w/o succumbing to either negativity or corruption , but to these who also utilize 99 percent of their work time to enhance their inadequate self esteems , it is only when the 99 percent realize the words ..."united states"...when they realize their neighbor is more important than the clone that thinks in the same rut they do , then the civl war will erupt , cuz that is the master plan , and we are still walking like robots , not really celebrating diversity , as much as using cool bro , and hip chick , cultural weapons to ensure more divisiveness, i mean if we are talking then freedom will be the defining style for us americans , aas we lay down together right ?????

NOT EVEN ...for example , reality , and hip notions dont fit what it matters about the image of occupy ..?......why,....... did it matter to the french peasants when they threw down ..?
to john brown as he ignited the civil war ....?
i am a man run over and dying , after asking for federal law to help , as i am disabled , i dont expect to live long after the whistleblower status report comes out and i am without abilities many take for granted , to find help , i am saying i can prove the need for do or die , after i am killed off , read my story , [email protected]..i love mother teresa , my progeny and the peace of ghandi, but i am also telling you as a man who has never shot a weapon , it is time for those who know how..... to stand behind those of us feeling a bit tired of the 5000-five thousand official beatings i have received from the state ..please help by opening your minds to the idea that there is no peace without justice, this is not peace , it is a war on your souls , by being anbiguous about websters definition of violence , you jhave allowed the violence to escalate , honor must be reestablished so that we can prove some things are worth fighting for


...............................excuse my poor eyesight, and itchy finger...MONTANA...?...AND YES I KNOW FROM WHENCE I SPEAK..? sorry to all the hard ass revolutionaries here, i know you are here , but the network is is almost invisible .......?.....


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