Pre-emptive strike

Move your money.
Pre-emptive strike: Move your money.

When the G8 meet in Chicago in May, it will be a major moment of truth for the global economy.

Already there are all sorts of ideas percolating – Robin Hood tax, banning high frequency flash trading, a true cost economy, bio-economics – that will lead to reform of the global financial system.

But in the meantime there is something we can all do to set the stage for #Occupy Chicago, and that is the personal action to move our money away from the big banks.

It’s easier than you think. You find the credit union in your town or city that you like. You make an appointment. You tell them, “I would like to leave my bank and join your credit union.” They say, “you got it, we'll take care of it.” It will be the most pro-active hour of your week.

On February 1st if you haven’t already taken the opportunity, join these Canadian rabble-rousers to move your money.

Move Your Money Day Canada: February 1 / Move Your Money Project

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Pretty much everybody is not happy about something the government or the financial industry is doing these days. It cuts across all age groups and levels of society. The young people see problems with jobs, and the older are unhappy about obamacare and taxes. The thing is we are all getting screwed by government and big business down to the last person. What are they going to do when we all hit the street with guns in hand demanding a revolution? Obama will have those who do this arrested and put in camps. DHS already is suspicious of veterans as being potential terrorists. And they figure on the military arresting and detaining those who dare to complain. The military is of course, us, and have the same concerns about what the government and big companies are doing.
The bottom line is that it is time for everybody to get in the streets, and change the government. We should all be angry about the situation in this country today. We should all get together and hang all politicians to the last one of the idiots spending the country to oblivion.
Boot out all of the government and start over.....


Revolution in the street, hanging politicians and bringing down the economy and the government is not going to create anything more than global chaos and millions of deaths. The world you would bring about through your actions (assuming they would be successful and not merely make you look like a useful idiot) wouldn't be anyplace anyone would want to like in. The only way to enact change is through education of the masses and voting in responsible politicians that do what's right, instead of what buys votes. Individuals in this country are going to have to learn to stand on their own one way or another and stop getting angry when one person has more than another. You aren't "screwed" when someone else has more. Taking it by force through redistributive means only creates a disincentive to produce jobs and a lazy populace collecting checks for doing nothing.

Anonymous bunk-er

Many folks understand the bad shape the US is getting itself into. Years of corporate bottom-line obsession sent many jobs off shore and as a consequence the homeland's once vital economic-stimulating manufacturing base also suffered largely. There's a large portion of the US populace living on food stamps, and you may not be able to stop a revolt in the streets, however looking at the potential for the 'bringing down' of the economy I believe is a manufactured construct which has the political establishment entrenched in their methods of lobbying and corruption. It has essentially become a 2-party dictatorship where they play the game of Democrat vs Republican yet a more incidious alliance exists and this is the preverbial 1% often refered to. The oligarchs who comprise the global power structures of corporate elitism, many whom have directed large wall street co's, central banking systems (global). Their simple idea is to control all nation's money supply with autonomy. Read into this quote from a well known banking family member - "Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws"
If you study the US Fed Reserve and their association with global monetary fund entities it is clear to see how a major 'distribution' or, transfering of wealth is occuring at this very moment.


This is correct. Because the money is controlled by the fed res they also control the politicians. So it does not matter R or D, all the same. The R and D are just one way to divide and conquer us.
The politicians borrow the money at interest to pay off/bailout the banks. Who gets screwed? The taxpayer. We are nothing but slaves to them. We the people need to control our own money. Read the constitution. Everything you need to know is in there. Our reps in Congress are supposed to represent us. All the gov't is supposed to do is protect our liberties. Why are they not representing us and why are they not protecting our liberties? This has been going on for 100 yrs. Obama has fast tracked it and must now be replaced.... by Ron Paul.
The auto companies that got bailed out and other firms are paying back the loans. where is the money? back at the fed res. it should be going to pay down the debt but why isn't it? to keep us enslaved.
why did the gov't just take money from the fed pension system?
All of these things are a way to make us react violently. Instead we must be smart. Think about it.


Have a look at Congressman Ron Paul , although I don't agree with all things with Paul, he has part of the answer for quite some time now - sure he is of the libertarian principle with less govt yet he still understands that govt has their roles to vital essential functions and oversights for the citizenry, but more importantly is his staunch criticism US Fed Reserve which has been allowed unabated control the US money supply (and globally with partnership such as IMF, EU) this private cartel of bankers do not have the 99% interest at heart. think about the lobbyists in Washington and the seemingly endless bickering back and forth in Congress both sides of the aisle is it really a Dem vs. Rep conflict, or are they all blindly working for the 1%?
Also have a listen to Dwight D. Eisenhower outgoing speech here >
there are many points he addresses to which many of the problems we face today are alluded to...

Shangey G.

I looked into moving my money from one of the national banks, to a local city bank, but I checked out their fees first. There was literally no difference. So the big question becomes -- Why do I want to switch to a credit union, that has less locations, possibly less open hours as well, to simply "stick it to the proverbial man", when I feel like I'm being "sticked" by another man?


I switched to a credit union about 10 years ago. The only mistake I made was not switching sooner. In the 10 years by CU has not been bought, has not merged and has not moved. I do 99% of my banking online and rarely go into a branch but when I do it's pretty quick. Co-Op ATM's are everywhere, easier to find than Wells Fargo one.

10 year on my checking and 2 savings accounts I have not had a single fee.


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