Pre-emptive strike

Move your money.
Pre-emptive strike: Move your money.

When the G8 meet in Chicago in May, it will be a major moment of truth for the global economy.

Already there are all sorts of ideas percolating – Robin Hood tax, banning high frequency flash trading, a true cost economy, bio-economics – that will lead to reform of the global financial system.

But in the meantime there is something we can all do to set the stage for #Occupy Chicago, and that is the personal action to move our money away from the big banks.

It’s easier than you think. You find the credit union in your town or city that you like. You make an appointment. You tell them, “I would like to leave my bank and join your credit union.” They say, “you got it, we'll take care of it.” It will be the most pro-active hour of your week.

On February 1st if you haven’t already taken the opportunity, join these Canadian rabble-rousers to move your money.

Move Your Money Day Canada: February 1 / Move Your Money Project

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erik reichenbach

Please define,"Big Banks" as not all Banks are as large and powerful as, say, Chase and Bank of America.


I bet you dollar you are correct. They add nothing to society but want of what others have. They earn nothing but contempt. They wallow in collective misery. They are 99% of zero.


Folks try to understand where our hard earned money is going.

1. It goes to finance the war machine of United States of Israel for the enslavement of humanity.

2. It goes to buy all media to spread the propaganda for United States of Israel.

3. It goes to the moneylenders and their handlers - that is the 1%. Most of them are from United States of Israel.

4. It goes to finance the election of those who are good at licking the tail of Israelis. For details watch the Republican presidential debates and the frequent Obama speeches at AIPAC.

5. It goes to harm the 99%.

6. In short it goes to the benefit of those who suck our blood. And the stupid citizens of USI pride in sucking the blood suckers' ass!!!

Please make plans with the clear understanding of the above.

Else you will be wasting your time and hard earned money.


I think he/she has a point.
Please try to deal with the issues raised.
Calling names does not help our cause.


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