Pre-emptive strike

Move your money.
Pre-emptive strike: Move your money.

When the G8 meet in Chicago in May, it will be a major moment of truth for the global economy.

Already there are all sorts of ideas percolating – Robin Hood tax, banning high frequency flash trading, a true cost economy, bio-economics – that will lead to reform of the global financial system.

But in the meantime there is something we can all do to set the stage for #Occupy Chicago, and that is the personal action to move our money away from the big banks.

It’s easier than you think. You find the credit union in your town or city that you like. You make an appointment. You tell them, “I would like to leave my bank and join your credit union.” They say, “you got it, we'll take care of it.” It will be the most pro-active hour of your week.

On February 1st if you haven’t already taken the opportunity, join these Canadian rabble-rousers to move your money.

Move Your Money Day Canada: February 1 / Move Your Money Project

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Even if you go to prison, as long as you get away with keeping the money you stole (by robbing a bank for example) I'm pretty sure your credit rating would not be affected.

The key as to credit rating is only whether or not you are in posession of the money, I believe.
Not whether or not you are physically in jail.


The real problem is the English language and the most radical thing any and all of us could possibly do is to completely break/stop using it. Stop speaking English if you really want to see a change.


Tried answering this in another language (Irish) and it triggered a spam filter saying my comment was not allowed! What's going on here. Which side are you/we on Adbusters?


Can you please explain your comment? I think nothing could be further from the truth. NB: This is a "global network of CULTURE jammers and creatives".

Jack's Lack Of ...

I moved my account from US Bank to a local credit union after almost twenty years at said bank. Partly as a protest as the intention implies here, but also because seemingly overnight my statement was riddled with new fees. The icing on the cake being when they sent me a letter stating that I had to either pay a rather high credit card balance in full, opt out of the card yet still pay the balance at the existing (moderate) interest rate, or keep the card/balance and accept a 29% interest rate. I opted out, eventually paid the balance after almost two years and it was the best thing to happen to me.
Needless to say, I had to jump through some odd, but harmless hurdles trying to get my savings out of that bank as they insisted I meet with the branch manager and all this other BS so as to not pull my savings out.

Granted, credit unions aren't exactly ideal and there were a few hiccups moving over and the convienence really isn't there where I live. But in the end it's been worth it.

I don't recall the CU ever running a credit score as someone above mentioned. The only thing they did was to hold my deposits for seven business days for the first month of my membership. After that, there were no holds placed.

Anyway, it's not perfect but hopefully we'll institute something in the near future that will in no way benefit big banks, the Central Banks, etc.... Hopefully this isn't wishful thinking.


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