Pre-emptive strike

Move your money.
Pre-emptive strike: Move your money.

When the G8 meet in Chicago in May, it will be a major moment of truth for the global economy.

Already there are all sorts of ideas percolating – Robin Hood tax, banning high frequency flash trading, a true cost economy, bio-economics – that will lead to reform of the global financial system.

But in the meantime there is something we can all do to set the stage for #Occupy Chicago, and that is the personal action to move our money away from the big banks.

It’s easier than you think. You find the credit union in your town or city that you like. You make an appointment. You tell them, “I would like to leave my bank and join your credit union.” They say, “you got it, we'll take care of it.” It will be the most pro-active hour of your week.

On February 1st if you haven’t already taken the opportunity, join these Canadian rabble-rousers to move your money.

Move Your Money Day Canada: February 1 / Move Your Money Project

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The best I can do is move my 47¢ from my left pocket to my right pocket. Unfortunately, my right pocket has a hole in it.


Come on..

Like us moving our money out of big banks is going to do anything... please.

Not until the place literally explodes in class/race/ideology warfare will anything have a chance of changing. And that war will happen this summer. Its going to be crazy in big cities.


Moving money from big banks to Credit Unions is certainly a start. You are crazy to think that any kind of "war" will happen this summer. Like what, anyway?

Marches of thousands of people being gassed, beaten and arrested?

Will police be authorized to use rubber bullets? Will hoses and dogs reappear? Will another Kent State happen? Will buildings burn again?

Those times are long past. Look what happened to all of the Occupy occupies. They were simply and quietly gassed, rounded up and hauled away and now they are all gone.

Anarchists remain in chatrooms.

Anonymous remains in basements.

Occupiers remain in forums.




SOPA and PIPA were not defeated by us. They were defeated by the loud companies and social network sites that opposed them. Not that there's anything wrong with that. They opposition to SOPA/PIPA was correct no matter what form they take.


Class RACE AND IDEOLOGY WARFARE will do only one thing, it will "change the ruling class" perhaps, but to think for one moment that the new rulers will be able to resist "abusing power" themselves, is illusorical, look that the "TAHRIR" moment as you call it the "guys that deposed Mubarak" are still a military dictatorship, and they have to be in power right now, otherwise there would be "war with Israel" therefore even "many people all over the world" tacitly agree that it is better for the people of Egypt to be ruled by a "military dictatorship" than for there to be a war with Israel, that can only result in more bloodshed on a world wide scale, the secret society of the "ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD" may not be that much different from the kings that have done wrong, only that their "botherhood has an islamic slant" but they "kill their enemies" just like the kings that rule our planet and then they say:

It is not wrong if we kings kill people, it is "only wrong to talk about it" therefore we will kill everyone that says we "did wrong" by killing all those people who stood in our way to power and that way we will "preserve our power" and by declaring all those people "insane" or deceived like we did with the sixth president, we can "preserve our rulership over a wicked planet" that clearly does not understand freedom and "would not know how to use their freedom" except to abuse it, as soon as they gained it!

Therefore this is their argument and it is "completely sound in their mind"!

Jason Alan Jankowski makes it plain in his book, the art of the trade, the "WINNER" always and in all cases takes his money from the "LOSER" the markets are a "zero sum game" which is why in Germany and Europe they went to a "social market economy" meaning the kings still can "rob the banks" but they have to share their profits with those who are either "Unemployed or on welfare" but Germany also is the only country to this day, that has global surplus, a 20% savings rate and the ability to borrow money at a rate of "0.17%" on a two year treasury, because in our capitalist system, having a "return of your money" is often even more important than having a return "on your money", clearly Bernie Madoff did give out "phenomenal returns" on their money, but he had to continuously recruit new suckers for his ponzi scheme, for the "old debts" had to be paid off with new debts kind of like a person who pays off one credit card by borrowing money from another credit card company, after a while a person runs out of credit card companies and then they have to file for bankcruptcy!

We are coming closer to financial insolvency as a nation and our credit rating has been "downgraded" precisely because we have allowed a "secret combination of kings" to steal our money and now they Charge the nation interest on the money they have absconded with, until you do see things that way,

YOU ARE NOT YET READY TO CHANGE ANY SYSTEM, but are clearly desirous that things should continue as is, only with the "NEW ANARCHISTS" in power, to engage in "CLASS IDEOLOGY AND RACE WARFARE" will do only one thing and this is it:

It will "cause a lot of destruction" for there will be a lot of houses burned, a lot of looting will take place and therefore a few new laws will be passed, but either the current kings who secretly rule our world will remain in power, or they will flee like the German Kaiser did after World War one and allowed the nation to be robbed and plundered by the "VICTORS" or

finally they will hire another "military dictatorship" like they are doing now in Egypt, and justify it on the basis that the people are just not yet ready for freedom and would just "start another war with Israel" their neighbor thereby "destabilizing the middle East"!

If we learn anything from history, it is this, that "EVIL KINGS CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH POWER" for they will abuse it, either "openly or secretly" it makes not a hill of beans of difference, if openly then it can be "openly attacked" and put down, but if secretly then you are the "insane person" if you claim there is a "secret military dictatorship" in the United States that swear each other to secrecy about "murder and treason", clearly this is "not our experience" the Police officer stated, we do not believe there are "secret kings" in the United States that seek to take your life, therefore you "must be crazy" and that was the justification for "letting me have a chat" with the resident Doctor at the "State mental hospital" in Austin TX, as I was walking through that Town anyhow!

Needless to say, I told MR THEODORE the resident mental doctor:

Reading the letters of John Quincy Adams that he wrote after the William Morgan Murder, to the KINGS of planet earth, does not make a person insane, but it might help this person understand what to be "worried about"!

After that he told the Fort Hood Shooter and as a result no doubt the PSYCHIATRISTS are now "investigating how sane people can be who murder other people for money" and then claim this is what "evil kings have to do in order to maintain a secret combination" which puts all the money into numbered Swiss bank accounts so that even the "most discerning stranger" will not be able to "discern" what is not proper to be imitated!

The Butler who worked for Princess Diana said this about the "royal institution"!

I was working in the household of the "CRIMINALLY INSANE"!


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