Political Powershift in Canada

The birth of a blue/green hybrid pirate party.


By 2015 Canada will have endured almost a decade of Stephen Harper’s Conservative rule. While the majority of Canadians consider theirs to be a green loving, environmentalist, peace-keeping nation, their Conservative government has been shrewdly unraveling these basic threads of Canadian identity.

One would think that assaults on the national character would draw the anger of the people, but strangely the opposite has happened. As the three main leftist parties compete with each other for votes, the right is rallying behind a unified single party. Now the Conservatives have more power than ever: by winning only 40% of the popular vote during the last election, they still beat out their fractured rivals. If this game continues, they’ll have enough support under the current distorted electoral process to govern for years to come.

Only the young spirit of Occupy has the power to heave the Canadian political landscape onto a new trajectory. Consensus … Inclusion … Horizontalism … a fiercely green nation fighting the intrusion of Big Oil, with a heartfelt peacekeeping role to play among nations … a surge of this kind of energy into Canadian politics could ignite a mighty turnaround back to Canada’s spiritual roots. Imagine if hundreds of thousands of young Canadians were to pledge that as soon as the leading opposition parties – the New Democrats, the Liberals, the Greens – merge into a single new hybrid blue/green pirate party then they will rally all the intensity and ingenuity of their generation behind it …

The political will is there. A February 2012 survey by, an independent Canadian pro-democracy organization, found overwhelming support for coordination among opposition parties to oust Conservative incumbents and pass electoral reform. Eighty-five percent of respondents said they would join a new hybrid new political party that rallied behind this plan.

Can we shift Canada’s destiny back into gear? The recent student uprising in Quebec leads the way … let’s create a wave of revulsion against Harper’s right-wing arrogance … and then stir up some merger mania among the Greens, Liberals and NDPers.

At this historical moment when capitalism is in crisis and youthful revolts are breaking out everywhere, all sorts of weird and wonderful things are possible …


Start the process rolling by floating the #UNIFYCANADA meme here:

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The Liberal Party is not now nor has it ever been a "leftist" party. Progressives should not waste their time or energy propping up these corporate puppets -- and should keep a weary and critical eye on the "new" NDP.


The Liberal Party has historically been a brokerage party: they'll do anything for votes.

Today they don't have a leader, so it's hard to say which way they will turn once they get one.

If they choose Sonova Trudeau as their next leader, God help them cuz they will be screwed.


Leftist parties???Liberals? Are you serious? Is this Adbusters? Another reformist trendy magazine? The neo-Liberal party started the destruction of Canada a long time ago. NDP with another neoliberal as a leader is also a party that will follow the neoliberal agenda if elected. Even the Greens are just talking about greener capitalism and a better managment of the current distructive system. You can't be serious.


Not only is Capitalism just an insensitive and individualistic system, It is actually a system that actively forces some players to constantly and aggressively seek means to suppress and brutalize other players.

Knowing that, it becomes very scary to realize how much technology is in the hands of the top capitalists.

Uncle Sam

As long as its Commies, Muslims and, Anarchists, I am fine with suppression. Those three never put a man on the moon.


Institutionalized racism is way better than a primitive animalistic free-for-all of mayhem, destruction, and slaughter.


No, i'm saying that we don't have another choice at the moment. And we seem to be doing alright with it, when we compare to other parts of the world.


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