Police Try To Intimidate Occupy

Are authorities preparing to suppress May uprising?


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The earliest evidence that federal authorities in the United States were aware of Occupy Wall Street and preparing to squash it comes from a September 1 Department of Homeland Security briefing. Warning of an upcoming protest on Wall Street, the leaked memo explained that the unique conjunction of culture jammers with politicized hackers was cause for alarm. “The ideologies set forth by Adbusters seem to align at a basic level with the stated intent of Anonymous’ newly adopted Hacktivist agenda … These protests are highly likely to occur,” the report declared. We also know now that the FBI was investigating Occupy at least two days before occupiers seized Zuccotti. In a leaked chat log Sabu, an FBI informant and prominent member of LulzSec, a hacktivist affinity group, pumped for information about Anonymous’s plans for Occupy. He is recorded asking: “Lets talk about OpWallStreet. I plan on going to Wall Street, do we have anything planned?” Shortly after, despite these counterintelligence efforts, Occupy Wall Street was born and Zuccotti Park became the spiritual center of an international movement.

Now, as the international movement gears up for a major escalation in May with myriad big bangs – a May Day General Strike, anarchic swarms in #OCCUPYCHICAGO, an international blast on May 12 and an effort to retake the squares on May 15, a #LAUGHRIOT on May 18, #OCCUPYCAMPDAVID the next day along with major protests against NATO on May 20 and 21 – stories of aggressive intimidation tactics are beginning to emerge from New York City. In a recent article in the New York Times, occupiers described frequent harassment and interrogation by NYPD intelligence and FBI: “police officers or detectives have been posted outside buildings where private meetings were taking place, have visited the homes of organizers and have questioned protesters arrested on minor charges … one protester says he was questioned by a police detective and an agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Meanwhile, authorities are demanding access to the Twitter accounts of prominent occupiers like Jeff Rae and logs of occupy websites. And in Florida, Occupy Miami was raided without cause by paramilitary police on March 13.

On reddit, one activist argued the situation is far worse than is being reported in the news, claiming to have encountered:”DHS bugging of common meeting grounds; DHS paying individuals to attend our meetings and cause disruption; police breaking into property, creating fire hazards, then getting protestors living there evicted for said fire hazard; police breaking into private property and installing surveillance equipment in people’s homes. In at least one instance they left it obvious enough to leave a message; police arresting individuals solely to have them identify photographs of other occupiers; manipulating our personal bank accounts, such as canceling our access to our own accounts.”

Taken together with news of the authoritarian new law H.R. 347, these sinister stories suggest that authorities in the United States are preparing to aggressively disrupt Occupy’s May spring offensive.

Weigh in below and tell us how you think the movement can outmaneuver these authoritarian efforts to shut down our people-power.

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We should make friends with the police - and do it in a real way, not a stagy way. They actually are of our number, but their job causes them to believe otherwise. If they even appear to be sympathetic, it will cause them to lose face with their fellow officers and possibly suffer sanctions or even termination - we have to understand how the reality of their situation. In such a situation, they have to condition themselves to be unfeeling, to obey the letter of their orders, to show that they believe in the mission. Yet this is the very conditioning that allows our system of inequality to continue - and not only in the police, but in each of us as well. Somehow we must break through the wall - perhaps by appealing to whatever drove them into a dangerous profession of fighting crime - that the real crime is being committed by the suits in the offices, not the people in the streets. Remember we don't have to win them all - just a handful would make a huge impact because it would demonstrate that the conditioning is not invulnerable. The key is that we are not "manipulating" them to believe what we believe - we are uncovering the same beliefs that anyone who understands human sense must share.


Truth to Power
Massive Passive Civil Disobedience

We are winning. Wisconsin is practically at critical mass change.

ALL OVER THE NET. There are articles about 99% and 1%.

We Are Everywhere.

We need 50 million Americans to complete the eclipse.


It seems to me new laws used to track down terrorists are a new version of something that has been going on in the United States for hundreds of years (for example the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798). A threat is perceived and a law is passed restricting freedom to address that threat.

"The means of defense against a foreign danger historically have become instruments of tyranny at home." - James Madison, the father of the US Constitution

I think this context and quote is helpful when talking with Americans who view the founding fathers as saints or the constitution with a reverence close to a religious text. It is important to engage ALL Americans about freedom of speech and freedom of association concerns. These issues cross ALL political party boundaries. Political power comes from the people. Understanding and curiosity unites. Fear and demagoguery divides.
"Be curious, not judgmental." - Walt Whitman


"What would a free man(woman) do?"

First, individuals in the police and military have chosen to become the sleeping tools of the "1%". They are not to be pitied. They are not victims. They have bought into the brainwashing, and the empty promises. They want to be used.

They believe those who stand for freedom are the enemies of the machine; they do not see the machine itself eating into the heart of the Planet, tearing the life-force which sustains us all from the bones of the mountains, fouling and desecrating the soil which nourishes us, poisoning the waters, murdering the other many species we were meant to look after. They serve the machine and its makers. If they awaken, so much the better. Recognize they are a distraction. Know they cannot be rescued.

Stay focused. You are alive today because the world needs you to be fiery in you intolerance of the Lie.

As mentioned above, use the media. Get into the habit of following no set pattern, meeting at irregular times of the day or night, use the tactics that worked against the Romans, against the Russians, against the Americans. Guerrilla 'warfare'. Be unpredictable. Be untrackable. Frustrate without engaging.

Be fluid.

Do not set out to break the law, but know and understand the law will not protect you; the minions of the machine will break those very laws themselves in the quest to suffocate us, to shut all corridors of communication. To destroy freedom.

You cannot reason with the machine, nor with its servants. And if this sounds horribly familiar, you are not "imagining things". We are inches from scenarios we've all seen in film, and read in novel form.

Do not let it happen.

"Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to Earth like dew,
Which in sleep had fallen on you -


Is it possible that repression could become so complete that protesting becomes impossible? The prison industrial complex is waiting to house ever more dissidents.

Part of the value of protest, is to witness and be encouraged by the solidarity of many. What if we organized a "Burning Man" style event, out of the cities? It's purpose to simply come together and appreciate a solidarity.

The life-blood of the corporatocracy is money. To the extent that we can disconnect from that money flow, wouldn't that have the greatest impact? I'd like to see more direct campaigns to stop patronizing corporate food & beverage. Corporate sponsorship of sports arenas and teams are also an easy target. A campaign to withdraw from the medical insurance complex. Establish a network of independent providers.
Ultimately, to what extent can we create and live our own desired culture? Does it have to be underground? Massive barter and exchange. Iconic signs in independent storefronts showing solidarity and encouraging exchange. Signs the corporate entities could never post. Let's make ourselves easily identifiable and establish the subculture which continually works towards taking the economy back.

How to stop the privatization of public services? It's a nightmare how our taxes are re-directed to corporate coffers. I don't have any idea how that can be turned around.

lee mulcahy

#occupy the elites aspen ideas festival. 06.27-07.03, 2012. july is perfect weather in aspen for camping. sheriff joe and the chief of police -an aussie--are in the bob braudis camp view of protesting: freedom.



Forming a grass roots, locally focused business network decisively independent of the larger corporate structure. It would take time and money and a further groundswell of support but provides promise with real time and real world benefits apart from the political machine of corporatism.

Where do I sign up?


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