Police Try To Intimidate Occupy

Are authorities preparing to suppress May uprising?


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The earliest evidence that federal authorities in the United States were aware of Occupy Wall Street and preparing to squash it comes from a September 1 Department of Homeland Security briefing. Warning of an upcoming protest on Wall Street, the leaked memo explained that the unique conjunction of culture jammers with politicized hackers was cause for alarm. “The ideologies set forth by Adbusters seem to align at a basic level with the stated intent of Anonymous’ newly adopted Hacktivist agenda … These protests are highly likely to occur,” the report declared. We also know now that the FBI was investigating Occupy at least two days before occupiers seized Zuccotti. In a leaked chat log Sabu, an FBI informant and prominent member of LulzSec, a hacktivist affinity group, pumped for information about Anonymous’s plans for Occupy. He is recorded asking: “Lets talk about OpWallStreet. I plan on going to Wall Street, do we have anything planned?” Shortly after, despite these counterintelligence efforts, Occupy Wall Street was born and Zuccotti Park became the spiritual center of an international movement.

Now, as the international movement gears up for a major escalation in May with myriad big bangs – a May Day General Strike, anarchic swarms in #OCCUPYCHICAGO, an international blast on May 12 and an effort to retake the squares on May 15, a #LAUGHRIOT on May 18, #OCCUPYCAMPDAVID the next day along with major protests against NATO on May 20 and 21 – stories of aggressive intimidation tactics are beginning to emerge from New York City. In a recent article in the New York Times, occupiers described frequent harassment and interrogation by NYPD intelligence and FBI: “police officers or detectives have been posted outside buildings where private meetings were taking place, have visited the homes of organizers and have questioned protesters arrested on minor charges … one protester says he was questioned by a police detective and an agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Meanwhile, authorities are demanding access to the Twitter accounts of prominent occupiers like Jeff Rae and logs of occupy websites. And in Florida, Occupy Miami was raided without cause by paramilitary police on March 13.

On reddit, one activist argued the situation is far worse than is being reported in the news, claiming to have encountered:”DHS bugging of common meeting grounds; DHS paying individuals to attend our meetings and cause disruption; police breaking into property, creating fire hazards, then getting protestors living there evicted for said fire hazard; police breaking into private property and installing surveillance equipment in people’s homes. In at least one instance they left it obvious enough to leave a message; police arresting individuals solely to have them identify photographs of other occupiers; manipulating our personal bank accounts, such as canceling our access to our own accounts.”

Taken together with news of the authoritarian new law H.R. 347, these sinister stories suggest that authorities in the United States are preparing to aggressively disrupt Occupy’s May spring offensive.

Weigh in below and tell us how you think the movement can outmaneuver these authoritarian efforts to shut down our people-power.

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lee mulcahy

Those tactics will alienate the silent majority. Peaceful protest only. In the most peaceful village in America where the elites gather: Aspen.

Occupy the tea party. Nothing scares the elites more than angry white males.

Occupy Aspen: July 2012: #ows + the tea partyers.

Come together 4 a 28th amendment.


I didn't take this as an advocating violence stance, merely an attempt for us to be more strategic about anticipating police tactics. It's either that or this shit will just get shut down. "remaining agile" especially is important. All those "war" tactics often apply to nonviolent strategy as well.


只有“毛泽东”能战胜“美帝国主义”,其他都不能。你是少有的一个聪明美国人。 一个中国人


We Are The 99% // We Know We Are Right // The %1 Does Not Care If Their Wrong!
This has been the longest running chess game in human history. Our biggest obstacle is that we need to remain transparent, while the %1 & their peons dont. Imagine playing chess while your opponent knows your every move. The only way you can win is with a flawless victory. We need every woman, man & child. Fearless positive women who are the creators of life on earth. Fearless positive men who can protect our creators. Positive children who can light up a room full of negativity. Am not religious but I do believe this is a spiritual war. Some of us are positive, some of us are negative & most of us are a combination of both. Energy is magnetic. This is why we have to remain positive no matter how many negative agents they send our way.

The north flakes cause I’ll be flowing in all states. Am the only living matter that controls my mind. Peace to every single cell on this whole earth. Sellout’s got no worth. I think they better go soul search. Law’s to no one a warrior like shogun. In the twilights with more highlights than dominique. 2 flatter me your strategy gotta be more complex than chess. It’s hard to face defeat when you’re raised in the streets. No surrender & no retreat. Now dance with the devil, no not hardly. Even though I mamba like a bomber and smoke ganja like Bob Marley.

Proof positive energy can defeat negativity.

The Five Agreements are:
1. Be Impeccable With Your Word.
2. Don't Take Anything Personally.
3. Don't Make Assumptions.
4. Always Do Your Best.
5. Be Skeptical, but Learn 2 Listen.


Think this through. The economic élite are not the only élite. If you want to build a consensus among the 99%, you must adopt the politics of inclusion rather than the politics of exclusion. Don't build a radical élite that alienates the 99%. Frankly, the police are not the rich, they are among the 99% too.


Much agreed. The key is to, outside of situations where the police are forced to act against us, are made to perpetuate the machine's master narrative, their awareness needs to be raised to. They're halfway in our boat as it stands, they just don't know that yet. An invitation needs to be sent, from all of us 99% to the rest of the 99%. You are not 1% unless you decide to be, and many have not yet decided. They just assume it has been decided for them. But that assumption is what the elite is desperately whispering into their ears, trying to make it truth so that divide and conquer works once again. If it comes to crunch time and no bridges have been built, this will be like every other movement - necessary, beautiful, helpful, but fallible and ephemeral. They will tear it down and we will resist and it will escalate like the Battle for Seattle, like Occupy Oakland, like Wounded Knee. It won't be easy, getting police officers to understand, but at the bottom of it we are making sense, human sense, and the elite are not. I've had a few successes with military personnel. I don't know about coppers, but I think this is something we all should try.


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