Police Try To Intimidate Occupy

Are authorities preparing to suppress May uprising?


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The earliest evidence that federal authorities in the United States were aware of Occupy Wall Street and preparing to squash it comes from a September 1 Department of Homeland Security briefing. Warning of an upcoming protest on Wall Street, the leaked memo explained that the unique conjunction of culture jammers with politicized hackers was cause for alarm. “The ideologies set forth by Adbusters seem to align at a basic level with the stated intent of Anonymous’ newly adopted Hacktivist agenda … These protests are highly likely to occur,” the report declared. We also know now that the FBI was investigating Occupy at least two days before occupiers seized Zuccotti. In a leaked chat log Sabu, an FBI informant and prominent member of LulzSec, a hacktivist affinity group, pumped for information about Anonymous’s plans for Occupy. He is recorded asking: “Lets talk about OpWallStreet. I plan on going to Wall Street, do we have anything planned?” Shortly after, despite these counterintelligence efforts, Occupy Wall Street was born and Zuccotti Park became the spiritual center of an international movement.

Now, as the international movement gears up for a major escalation in May with myriad big bangs – a May Day General Strike, anarchic swarms in #OCCUPYCHICAGO, an international blast on May 12 and an effort to retake the squares on May 15, a #LAUGHRIOT on May 18, #OCCUPYCAMPDAVID the next day along with major protests against NATO on May 20 and 21 – stories of aggressive intimidation tactics are beginning to emerge from New York City. In a recent article in the New York Times, occupiers described frequent harassment and interrogation by NYPD intelligence and FBI: “police officers or detectives have been posted outside buildings where private meetings were taking place, have visited the homes of organizers and have questioned protesters arrested on minor charges … one protester says he was questioned by a police detective and an agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Meanwhile, authorities are demanding access to the Twitter accounts of prominent occupiers like Jeff Rae and logs of occupy websites. And in Florida, Occupy Miami was raided without cause by paramilitary police on March 13.

On reddit, one activist argued the situation is far worse than is being reported in the news, claiming to have encountered:”DHS bugging of common meeting grounds; DHS paying individuals to attend our meetings and cause disruption; police breaking into property, creating fire hazards, then getting protestors living there evicted for said fire hazard; police breaking into private property and installing surveillance equipment in people’s homes. In at least one instance they left it obvious enough to leave a message; police arresting individuals solely to have them identify photographs of other occupiers; manipulating our personal bank accounts, such as canceling our access to our own accounts.”

Taken together with news of the authoritarian new law H.R. 347, these sinister stories suggest that authorities in the United States are preparing to aggressively disrupt Occupy’s May spring offensive.

Weigh in below and tell us how you think the movement can outmaneuver these authoritarian efforts to shut down our people-power.

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I think one way is go strong on putting out there every single attempt to suppress the movement. Create on line channels, hash tags, everything possible in order to show people the way government is "dabating" with the protestors to a point they have to change tatics again or hopefully surrender to a democratic debate.


I think this strategy has more chance of success than buying space in the New York Times. Our target audience (those most likely to be resistant to MSM propaganda) get most of their news through online media, particularly social media. We should use existing media and develop our own to broadcast exactly what DHS is doing. Then we can control the framing better. But we must not restrict ourselves to "political" sites. Sports sites, technology blogs, fashion news - we need to break up the neat categories that keep our message isolated from those who would join us if only they could be exposed for a moment. If we did this, the message would be that our social life should not be broken up into these mutually exclusive areas - politics in its place, fashion in another, technology in a third - all the topical area having apparently nothing to do with each other. In reality, the apparent isolation of these topics from politics is an illusion carefully cultivated by the MSM. We need to find ways to show the unified nature of the system that produces inequality. In the words of Judith Butler in latest edition of TIDAL: Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy: "We cannot fix the one form of inequality without understanding the broader trends of inequality we are seeking to overcome. By thinking that all the items must be disaggregated, we miss our mark and narrow our vision at the expensive of both social and economic justice."


I think the movement can outmaneuver these authoritarian efforts to shut down our people-power by stepping away from the very prominent "us versus police" mentality and emphasizing forms of protest and activism that abide by the law.


i agree. although to some i think it seems counter-intuitive. nothing violent or destructive is gonna help the cause. if you doubt that then watch the documentary on the weather underground. they marginalized themselves by taking up violence. although really i think 99% of occupy knows this already. cheers


In the words of the great Paulo Friere: "The oppressors, who oppress, exploit, and rape by virtue of their power, cannot find in this power the strength to liberate either the oppressed or themselves. Only power that springs from the weakness of the oppressed will be sufficiently strong to free both." - The Pedagogy of the Oppressed (now banned in Arizona).

Only the power that springs from weakness is sufficiently strong to liberate both ourselves and our oppressors. That power flows from an unwavering dedication to nonviolence because that is what the revolution is ultimately aimed at - a society in which no violence or domination takes places. It can only be welcomed into reality by being practiced now.


Oh look what we have here. Someone at adbusters doesn't like the truth, has a corporate (oligarchy) agenda by deleting any comments that let the people know the truth and ways to protect themselves. Thanks for this info you corporate spying adbuster asshole.
I congratulate the person who posted the comments since I saved them. I'll be sure to let everyone know the vicious game that's being played here.


Its over. We're too deep into the dystopia. The only way out now is letting it destroy itself. The only problem is, they are planning for the destruction. And will have 100% complete control in the new world.


To outmaneuver the police, I suggest practicing guerrilla tactics, remaining agile, relying on surprise, harrassing and then retreating, running distraction operations, and so forth. I would suggest reading Mao's and Guevarra's texts on guerrilla warfare, as well as Sun Tzu's Art of War. Anything you can get on urban warfare and guerrilla tactics would help give ideas.


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