Police Prepare for S17

Concrete blockades, riot cops and infiltration.


One week away from the September 17 anniversary of OWS, the NYPD are erecting giant concrete walls around Zuccotti park and getting their helmeted blues ready to roll out with mass arrest gear and batons.

Now disturbing revelations about the anti-democractic lengths authorities have gone to stifle our nonviolent movement is emerging from Austin, Texas where it has been confirmed that an undercover officer designed, built and supplied the lockbox device that occupiers used during a peaceful December 12, 2011 protest at the Port of Houston. (Use of this device to join their arms together landed seven occupiers with felony charges, rather than the misdemeanor charges levied against their fellow Port of Houston demonstrators.) Democracy Now! interviewed Ronnie Garza of Occupy Austin and his lawyer about the infiltration and the charges:

Occupiers and jammers are gearing up, too...

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Anyone writing to relevant NYPD offices, the attorny general, etc, to ask why a nonviolent movement is being repressed like this? Preferably attach copies of the Bill of Rights and constitution along with it. Seems these types need reminders about these documents all the time these days which is funny because this should be their bread and butter.


I cannot say I am surprised in the least bit. Governments have not been impressed with the Occupy movement and have taken to the "underground" in attempt to rid it from their city. Hopefully more theories come to the forefront.

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