Police Brutality Increasing Against Occupy

From Oakland to St. Louis, police are breaking bones.

Police across the country are increasingly using extreme violence against occupiers. The weekly SF Bay Guardian recently revealed that Oakland police have received numerous complaints of excessive force. In a complaint from Oct. 25, an occupier says that “officers found a person alone, beat him, and broke his knee.” A complaint from a Jan. 7 march says that a police officer kneed an occupier in the back “causing his spine to break.” In New York City, media reports that an occupier’s rib was broken on the six-month anniversary of OWS. When the wounded occupier began having a seizure, she was denied medical attention while a crowd watched in horror. When occupiers from across the middle of America gathered in St. Louis, Missouri for the Occupy the Midwest regional summit, they too were also brutally beat back. Tazers were used, a dozen arrests were made, and several occupiers were led away with their faces covered in blood.

In the following eyewitness account, an occupier describes how it feels to be in confronted by extreme police brutality:

“For those that have never witnessed police violence, I want to make something clear. Nothing about this situation followed the prescription of an arrest – this media image of a “You are under arrest. You have the right…” is not what happens in real life. A friend said it best, what happened Thursday night was some gangsta shit. It was angry, vicious people jumping unarmed protesters and bystanders. It was an attack. It was intentional brutality. They did not follow any procedure of kettling, “less lethal” tactics, etc. Their actions were directly targeting individuals and beating the shit out of them. It was so fucked up.

I am traumatized. I am having flashbacks, and the more I try to make the motions of my mundane life the more vivid they become. Work, school, friendly conversations all seem completely devoid of meaning. All I can do is tell the story of my experience and force the people I surround myself with to question the society we participate in. I am so fucking angry.”

Read the whole story at and join the discussion below on how Occupy can overcome increasing police brutality.

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The best way to tackle police brutality is to be mobile be flexible, a rolling protest not fixed in one location, keep shutting down business as usual in a rotating fashion. Make use of more flexible tactics. Pool together buy old junk vehicles capable of only one trip and park them in the worst way possible and ensure they need to be towed away beyond that point.
Get attacked blockading the city, then blockade the highways leading into the city, try midnight protests, when all the little piggies have gone off to bed and then need to be recalled, be gone by dawn when they come back and then do it again the next night, no rest for the wicked.
Don't let them box you in, don't let them kettle you up, once they are set up and in force disperse and reform and a distant location, keep the sweaty pigs boiling in their assault armour.
Runaway and fight again another day or more accurately a few miles away in a couple of hours. Disperse, move, reform, obstruct, disperse, move, reform, obstruct.


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