Police Brutality Increasing Against Occupy

From Oakland to St. Louis, police are breaking bones.

Police across the country are increasingly using extreme violence against occupiers. The weekly SF Bay Guardian recently revealed that Oakland police have received numerous complaints of excessive force. In a complaint from Oct. 25, an occupier says that “officers found a person alone, beat him, and broke his knee.” A complaint from a Jan. 7 march says that a police officer kneed an occupier in the back “causing his spine to break.” In New York City, media reports that an occupier’s rib was broken on the six-month anniversary of OWS. When the wounded occupier began having a seizure, she was denied medical attention while a crowd watched in horror. When occupiers from across the middle of America gathered in St. Louis, Missouri for the Occupy the Midwest regional summit, they too were also brutally beat back. Tazers were used, a dozen arrests were made, and several occupiers were led away with their faces covered in blood.

In the following eyewitness account, an occupier describes how it feels to be in confronted by extreme police brutality:

“For those that have never witnessed police violence, I want to make something clear. Nothing about this situation followed the prescription of an arrest – this media image of a “You are under arrest. You have the right…” is not what happens in real life. A friend said it best, what happened Thursday night was some gangsta shit. It was angry, vicious people jumping unarmed protesters and bystanders. It was an attack. It was intentional brutality. They did not follow any procedure of kettling, “less lethal” tactics, etc. Their actions were directly targeting individuals and beating the shit out of them. It was so fucked up.

I am traumatized. I am having flashbacks, and the more I try to make the motions of my mundane life the more vivid they become. Work, school, friendly conversations all seem completely devoid of meaning. All I can do is tell the story of my experience and force the people I surround myself with to question the society we participate in. I am so fucking angry.”

Read the whole story at and join the discussion below on how Occupy can overcome increasing police brutality.

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After last Years EvictioN! Let's Do iT AGAIN!


If the BaNksTeRs can evict uS Out of OuR Home.....

Might as Well CaMp Out in Public Spaces.......

In solidarity of the Occupy Wall Street Movement EST 9/17/11.....

Occupy LA might have a Camping Ordinance this May 1st General Strike....
MacArthur Park & Pershing Square.....

MacArthur Park: Anti-Foreclosure Activist, Kids Village, Hipsters, Concerts & Many MoRe.....

Pershing Square: A front line camping ordinance in middle of LA's Financial District. Beware of your confrontation against the banks & cops on riot gear! Pershing Sq will be our front LiNe! So BEWARE!...


I thought we were going to have an interesting discussion on non violence. I don't want to be a part of a discussion if critical thinking is disallowed, or differing opinions are unwelcome. Hope is certainly an attitude but hope alone is never enough. The most important thing, I think, is an unwillingness to remain on the sidelines while witnessing injustice. Anyway, I don't like to communicate in 250 character tweets, but I guess that's the fashion today.

jonny red

The use of terms like "brutality", "attacked by police", "Jack booted thugs", by the current wave of ows participants make my old heart ache. These kids have NO IDEA what real brutality at the hands of the government is like. Of all these kids that are "attacked" by the police how many are truly injured to any serious level. We used to get beat senseless during my day, but we took it for the greater good of the cause, these claims of brutality by kids that get shoved by the cops is silly. A bloody eye is the worst I've seen, its almost as if these kids are hyping these incidents to try and give the movement of the day some sort of street credit instead of truly trying to effect change to an unjust system. Firehouses and teargas i havent seen, a single serious act of true brutality i have yet to witness, you sound like crybabies that are hoping to get injured so you will be the coolest kid at your next general assembly and the martyr of your dorm floor.

jonny red

Your arrogance in assuming I haven't been is typical of the mindset of this movement. Ows started with potential to actually open the eyes of the public at large to the corporate rape of this country, but it has lost its path and has become more about false claims of oppression and brutality and less about getting the message out there. It's not about self congratulation for being shoved around by some cops. Get back on message and drop the theatrical performances if you ever hope to change the views of the masses. It's not supposed to be about you...its about the message.


It's kind of hard to get that message out when the cops are coating your eyeballs with spray and beating you over the head with robots, when their not packing you off into the back of their paki wagons, isn't it now, Mr. Your-So-Typical.

But thanks for the words of courage anyhow.


Dear Sir,

Then what you endured what not for naught. You succeeded. The young people are not used to any amount of brutality. What you went through helped them to be raised in a time of peace during their most formative years. I applaud you. You helped uphold our now raped constitution. That is how kids should be raised. That is how people should live. You helped make it so I lived in a time of peace and freedom. I dearly miss those days, but am glad I got to experience them. I took those days for granted and I deeply regret that. If we ever get our freedom back again, I promise never to take it for granted.

Now, the young people are shocked by far less infractions than you endured. Now, they know that this is severely wrong and they are taking action. This government is becoming more violent and marxist at a very high speed. I think we are going to see significant violence this summer. In fact, I think by the end of the year, we're going to see a civil war, if not WWIII.

And these cops...anti-American traitors. Apes. Monsters. Desperate for their pathetic jobs. Cowards. Paid thugs. No balls what so ever. There comes a point in a persons life when you not only say, "no" but you say, "Hell, no!". It's what every person SHOULD have said to all of the dictatorial take overs. How do you sit back and agree to murder millions of people? How do you participate in the sell out your country? There is no job that is worth it. There's a million and one things to do on this planet to make a living and these cowards choose to sell out their constitution, their country, everyone's freedom, and their country men and women. I haven't a shred of respect for them.


I hear there is a fringe group that is planning to occupy Occupy.

We should form a security detail to guard occupy from this outside group of occupiers. ASAP.


The front (fringe) group is called "The 99 Percent Spring". It's headed by, unfortunately, and has support from numerous grassroots organizations, including and United Steelworkers. They claim to host "autonomous direct action training" events this spring in multiple US cities, in order to prepare for a "nonviolent" American Spring. Apparently, they are calling for mass corporate shut-down and sit-in events, though we'll see if they bait and switch people into electioneering for Obama. Personally, I am confused by the liberal thinking that cases of nonviolent revolutions can be found throughout history, always touting the success of MLK and Gandhi, etc. Those class and race struggles were anything but nonviolent, on all sides. While the oppressed attempt to remain nonviolent, the rich will never simply concede wealth and power. And it is certainly a Catch-22, as revolutionary defense leads to more aggressive suppression policies. Regardless, these front group will likely attempts to hijack occupy localities for electoral purposes. Though I say, let them try. The population has no faith in corporations and politicians, and this is why Occupy began. Let, or anyone else, swell the proletariat numbers in the streets this year. A security detail is not necessary. When the private police open fire, we'll see how many people still have faith in nonviolent resistance and electoral means for change.


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