Police Brutality Increasing Against Occupy

From Oakland to St. Louis, police are breaking bones.

Police across the country are increasingly using extreme violence against occupiers. The weekly SF Bay Guardian recently revealed that Oakland police have received numerous complaints of excessive force. In a complaint from Oct. 25, an occupier says that “officers found a person alone, beat him, and broke his knee.” A complaint from a Jan. 7 march says that a police officer kneed an occupier in the back “causing his spine to break.” In New York City, media reports that an occupier’s rib was broken on the six-month anniversary of OWS. When the wounded occupier began having a seizure, she was denied medical attention while a crowd watched in horror. When occupiers from across the middle of America gathered in St. Louis, Missouri for the Occupy the Midwest regional summit, they too were also brutally beat back. Tazers were used, a dozen arrests were made, and several occupiers were led away with their faces covered in blood.

In the following eyewitness account, an occupier describes how it feels to be in confronted by extreme police brutality:

“For those that have never witnessed police violence, I want to make something clear. Nothing about this situation followed the prescription of an arrest – this media image of a “You are under arrest. You have the right…” is not what happens in real life. A friend said it best, what happened Thursday night was some gangsta shit. It was angry, vicious people jumping unarmed protesters and bystanders. It was an attack. It was intentional brutality. They did not follow any procedure of kettling, “less lethal” tactics, etc. Their actions were directly targeting individuals and beating the shit out of them. It was so fucked up.

I am traumatized. I am having flashbacks, and the more I try to make the motions of my mundane life the more vivid they become. Work, school, friendly conversations all seem completely devoid of meaning. All I can do is tell the story of my experience and force the people I surround myself with to question the society we participate in. I am so fucking angry.”

Read the whole story at and join the discussion below on how Occupy can overcome increasing police brutality.

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STOP ADVOCATING VIOLENCE ON THIS BOARD, when all that is necessary is the "revealing of the truth" the whole truth and nothing but the truth about those who "secretly swear they will keep the actiosn of these brutal police officers a secret"!


I believe these cops aren't trained properly to deal with 'real work'. They'd much rather just show up on the crime scene and figure out who to blame for this or that crime. When it comes to something strenuous like containing a mob that's work that goes beyond their paygrade's duties. Besides cops are just tools and their sole objective is to make arrest-quotas and to annoy the shit out of the general populace. If you were making 30-40G's a year I don't think I'd really care that much about who's toes I stepped on, if I was getting paid to be an asshole then that's what that person will be. Take money off the table and it becomes a whole different ballgame. Some of you guys act as if they're all powerful and seek ways to fuck with people like Denzel in training day. I don't think they care that much, they're paid to follow orders and aren't deep introspective new age sensitive people. I think they forgot to go to their sensitivity training classes.


"Oh dear, another low paid liberal who's upset about those who are conservative and is blaming money for causing violence. Apparently getting paid a significant amount mena you'r e getting paid ot be an asshole...not that you worked hard, got a degree and finally get what you earned"

-That's what people will say, so before you assume 'money= a certain type of personality', think again. I really do not like the way this comment is worded. It is illogical, extremist and very very opinionated with no fact behind it, this is what creates tension and disagreements. Let's make the worls better by talking using our brains, not just our hearts.


The only way this movement will succeed is by gaining support from moderates. Advocating violence will do nothing but hurt the larger goals. Posting such things is foolish because more than likely some gov't agency is monitoring this site ands it's visitors.


Why would a true moderate support anything from OWS or Adbusters? There is nothing moderate about either.


Symbolic protests aren't enough.

Show people a real alternative to what you're protesting.

Give them a better option to choose, and they will choose it.


Remember before you let any media 'amp you up' (this article or otherwise) to fight for a cause.. that there are two sides to every story.

Just remember that.


Looks like terrorism is on the rise. To bad the terrorists are actually police. When people start to die what then? Probably nothing, people are powerless to stop police. MSM will continue to smear Occupiers and that's that. Is it possible civil unrest at home is on the rise? It most certainly is.


For some strange reason when a bunch of people stage a rally to intentionally cause trouble the police don't seem to like it and are accused of "brutality."


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