The birth of a new Blue-Green-Black hybrid party.

Art Department

The RNC was dominated by flat speeches and ghost furniture, and Ann Coulter can't seem to tweet about anything #DNC2012-related other than Bill Clinton's dating history – as we head towards the November election, it becomes clearer and clearer that the system is farcical, and that it's failing us.

Adbusters' publisher and editor-in-chief, Kalle Lasn, recently spoke to Angelo Aquaro of la Repubblica about Romney, Obama, and the promise of a new, third party option:

The truth is the two-party system doesn't work. It is the first time in American history that people seem to be becoming aware of this. I call them the Coca Cola-Pepsi Elections: everything you drink has the same flavor.

I'm imagining a real third party. In Europe they formed the Pirate Party and it's going strong. But I'm thinking of something different. I'm thinking of a Blue, Green, Black Party. Blue for transparency and the Internet, Green because it would take care of the environment, and Black because of the anger towards the corporations.

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