The birth of a new Blue-Green-Black hybrid party.

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The RNC was dominated by flat speeches and ghost furniture, and Ann Coulter can't seem to tweet about anything #DNC2012-related other than Bill Clinton's dating history – as we head towards the November election, it becomes clearer and clearer that the system is farcical, and that it's failing us.

Adbusters' publisher and editor-in-chief, Kalle Lasn, recently spoke to Angelo Aquaro of la Repubblica about Romney, Obama, and the promise of a new, third party option:

The truth is the two-party system doesn't work. It is the first time in American history that people seem to be becoming aware of this. I call them the Coca Cola-Pepsi Elections: everything you drink has the same flavor.

I'm imagining a real third party. In Europe they formed the Pirate Party and it's going strong. But I'm thinking of something different. I'm thinking of a Blue, Green, Black Party. Blue for transparency and the Internet, Green because it would take care of the environment, and Black because of the anger towards the corporations.

Read the rest of the interview at la Repubblica.

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Comrade Gris

I've been thinking about the idea of a new party now, and I've made a few realizations. The federal level should not, and cannot, be the immediate goal. As so many people here realize, decentralization, localization, and truly horizontal democracy are the future. So this party should begin by taking firm control of local and state government--perhaps officially turning the local decision making process from bourgeois, representative 'democracy' to a horizontal, consensus based system--then slowly fighting our way into the house, THEN fight for the senate and presidency.
In short, focus on local, state, and house level party building in the short term. Build up an organization with clear values, truly democratic processes, and an explicit agenda. Then attack.


An affiliate of Pirate Parties International already exists in the United States. Is this an endorsement of the group or an entryist movement?

Zacqary Adam Green

Way ahead of you, guys:

We're an offshoot of the European movement, but we've been broadening our platform to incorporate many of the economic ideas and democratic structures of Occupy. Come join us.


What we need is a truly progressive party based on Science and equality.

Green often means being against everything including technologies such as genetic engineering and nuclear power. Green often means seeing Nature as some pre-existing harmony that we humans have destroyed and thus often has an anti-human touch. Current Greens are often deeply conservative and every change is seen as a change towards the worse. We need a new progressive Green.

Black or "Anger towards corporations" is not going to help anyone. To moralize the current state of the world and claim it is evil individuals or corporations that are abusing an otherwise functional system is completely missing the point. We have to have the courage to question the fundamentals of the system which exploits the worlds resources and globally forces people worldwide into submission and poverty.

Blue should stand for the planet and the network of people and ideas (i.e. the internet) and should force us to be an international movement and not a some parochial gang of American liberals in blinkers that want a transparent internet on their iPhones (built by slave labor and using blood minerals) but ignore the rest of humanity. We need to resist movements that call on us to give up the idea that the world can be changed and instead go local and grow some vegetables. This will not make power vanish. We need to be willing to take power ourselves and address the problems head on.


Coca Cola and Pepsi do NOT taste the same. Coke is better.

If there were to be a third big party it should be Independent and its color should be green, and it should taste like water.


I fail to see how a third party will win a United States Election until there is significant voting reform i.e., a new voting system that is NOT first past the post. The two-party system is a direct and inevitable result of the way we vote.

It is actually pretty ingenious of the two parties to hide behind a political wall that is so "unsexy" (in the parlance of our times). It is not an easy issue to get people fired up about, but until it is changed the two-party system is entrenched and, IMHO, impregnable.

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