Paramilitary Policing Begins

Get ready for #OccupyChicago.
Paramilitary Policing Begins

Fearing the rebellious peaceful hordes of Occupy, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has granted the city’s police force emergency purchasing power to suit-up for NATO and G8 meetings this May. Top of the list: 3000 new riot face shields worth $200,000. These face shields are said to be better than existing ones because they fit easier over top of gas masks and seal directly to the forehead of the helmet, preventing liquids from passing through.

“Rioters known to attend NATO and G8 meetings have been known to throw bags of urine and bags of feces at police. Chicago Police officers need a shield that can adapt to what is being thrown at them, ” Fraternal Order of Police President Mike Shields told the Chicago Sun Times.

In a city already strapped for cash for social programs, the move comes as a surprise to citizens and protestors alike.

Aaron Cynic of writes:

To our knowledge, no protesters plan on bringing any kind of scatological materials to the demonstrations in May. Furthermore, while cursory searching found plenty of speculation, rumor and hyperbole about such instances, we have yet to find any actual hard evidence outside of commentary. To the contrary, a civil liberties advocate told an independent news website in December: “This is part of a spectrum of information war strategies that the state uses to repress dissent.”

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The average person won't wake up until they come on mainstream news and say hey fools wake up. As long as the tv keeps pushing the agenda, keeping people fighting between 2 parties we don't have a chance. We need the average person to be into this, not just people that have watched enough documentaries to know better.


The sad thing is that I have this discussion all the time with people who tell me to calm down.

Yet they know nothing about how the Laws have changed or what they mean...

I'm sick to my stomach...

In the present day under our laws now our Founding Fathers would be considered Terrorists by their own government for standing up for the American People.

George Bush is the most unpatriotic and dangerous person I've seen yet who repeatedly changed the laws in various things he should have left alone... and his adjustments to the law continue to be accepted for Safety?

Are you kidding me? They endanger the American Public!!!

It's insanity!

The Patriot Act is Unpatriotic in the worst way!!!


Protect Citizenry by demanding that the Patriot Act be Amended IMMEDIATELY to Protect the American Citizen standing up for their rights in this country.

NO SUSPENSION OF HABEAS CORPUS. Everyone has the right to a trial!


Scratch that, its not him that's dangerous per say, it's his policies!
In No way is a person who merely stands up for the Rights of the People in America a Terrorist.
You want to talk about what's treasonous to this country?
It's endangering American Citizens through adjusting parts of the Constitution to employ War Tactics on it's own people and using the American Military, The FBI, THE CIA, and the American Police to do it.
That's treason.
I love my country and I am offended and disgusted that anyone would pervert the laws of our Country in this way and inadvertently support the fear that terrorists have tried to put into this country.
I'm not anti-government. I'm anti-bullsh*t.
Stop endangering other people and your self.
Do the right thing.
I will not FEAR.
So you can just forget me being a ok with anyone causing people in America to be afraid.

Anonymous jersey

its tough for many people when they have the "awakening" as i call it and are awakened to the reality of how our country and world is run secretly and so completely corrupt on every level. im with u :)


Thank you. I really do not want to believe that most people are intentionally corrupt. I feel more that some are misguided or being mislead in all sorts of ways that they don't really realize.

I myself have been.
For example, for years I didn't get along someone.
I realize now how dumb those arguments were. I realize that I love them more than whatever we were fighting about. And I mourn the fact that I was mad at them for so long and all the chances that we both missed out on to have the relationship be different. Our relationship is better now, I think we both realize how dumb it was on both our parts. So now we're kind of making up for lost time. I'm glad I have that opportunity.

And I don't put my faith in money anymore. At some time I did without consciously knowing it But I put my faith now in people who's lives do not simply revolve around money at the expense of everything else that's more important. That's what will save the world. Once you do that, you will be amazed at how much you don't need that maybe you thought at some point you did. And your more willing to spend your money not on yourself but someone else, as an act of love, because you feel you have what you need. Letting it go isn't scary.

What's scary is amount of people who are so addicted to money...
And the amount of people who act like if you don't have money then your a nobody.
I don't believe that. Everyone is somebody.

I saw a man once sleeping on the sidewalk with nothing but a jacket for his head.
I think about him a lot. How many people just ignored him and how humiliating it would
be to have to sleep in the open, be so vulnerable, and be observed like an animal.
I felt bad for looking at him but at the same time I felt like at least I'm not ignoring him. Pretending he doesn't exist. He deserves shelter, he deserves food, and he deserves to be treated with a little bit of dignity. And nothing is going to change my mind about that.
I feel it's the lack of love around here that most likely got him to where he was.


Bush? Have you been sleeping the last 3+ years? The Obama bunch is in charge now. Much better at usurping liberty than Bush ever hoped to be! Obama is Bush policy on steroids. He's taken the "Patriot Act" to new limits.


No I haven't been sleeping. lol
I just wanted to stop talking about politics.
I'm tired of talking about mankind's absurdities. Politics being one of them.
I'd like to focus on what soul people have.

I feel more than anything what the world needs is for people to be loved, cared for, and respected.
If you can cultivate that, if you can bring that in a way that move's people's spirits then good things will happen. Not just through you but through them as well.

We all have that amazing power and we should not ever forget it, because keeping it in mind can prevent so many horrible things.

And of course it all too easy to sling arrows or throw bricks and condemn or shut people out when your hurt.


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