Paramilitary Policing Begins

Get ready for #OccupyChicago.
Paramilitary Policing Begins

Fearing the rebellious peaceful hordes of Occupy, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has granted the city’s police force emergency purchasing power to suit-up for NATO and G8 meetings this May. Top of the list: 3000 new riot face shields worth $200,000. These face shields are said to be better than existing ones because they fit easier over top of gas masks and seal directly to the forehead of the helmet, preventing liquids from passing through.

“Rioters known to attend NATO and G8 meetings have been known to throw bags of urine and bags of feces at police. Chicago Police officers need a shield that can adapt to what is being thrown at them, ” Fraternal Order of Police President Mike Shields told the Chicago Sun Times.

In a city already strapped for cash for social programs, the move comes as a surprise to citizens and protestors alike.

Aaron Cynic of writes:

To our knowledge, no protesters plan on bringing any kind of scatological materials to the demonstrations in May. Furthermore, while cursory searching found plenty of speculation, rumor and hyperbole about such instances, we have yet to find any actual hard evidence outside of commentary. To the contrary, a civil liberties advocate told an independent news website in December: “This is part of a spectrum of information war strategies that the state uses to repress dissent.”

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Dude, there is a reason for not having a leader. It's a bloody good one. You can corrupt/kill a leader. Viva La Revolution!


Joe screwed up when he opened with ".. our boys in blue".

Who is OUR? The image at top tells you who OUR is.

Matthew L Kees, #OWS

BTW I think throwing ANYTHING at the cops is wrong. And we're trying to deal with that issue inside #OWS--even though they (the police) f--ing deserve MUCH worse. We must win them over. Get them to fight the good fight. Not protect the 1%.


What if I throw my voice at them? BTW agreed w/ ur comment about the name in the image, its almost subliminal that the image w/ 'chase' name be completely lined with officers in riot gear. @brutalbronco


"Give me a hot steaming pile of turds and from it I shall form for you a Government of equanimity."

- Edward G. Ford, 1806


How much longer does the 1% think we will allow ourselves to be used like cattle to satisfy their unbridled greed?

How much longer do they think we’ll willingly go to die in their wars for profit?

How much longer do they think we will tolerate their prison industrial complex?

How much longer do the banksters and mega-corporations think we will take their attempts to make an education so expensive that only the 1% can afford to be educated? How much longer will the “average Joe” take it when their pensions are being raided by a bunch of greedy pigs and they’re forced onto the streets and into prisons?

How much more will we take before we all rise up?

No more wage and benefit concessions so that the CEO’s can get massive bonuses and the corporations can post record profits.


How much longer will we, the people, either be ignored or be crushed for demanding a better country for all? How much longer before we put down our protest signs and pick up a sword?

It’s coming if our demands continue to be met with police violence. It’s coming if our Government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE continues to be bastardized by the greedy few on Wall Street and their wholly-owned subsidiary in Washington DC. See for more.


Ok, so by the looks of it it seems like we finally all agree that rampant feces throwing has become a big problem at these events nowadays.

So by elementary logic, if we eliminated the feces throwing, all our problems will be solved.



The average person won't wake up until they come on mainstream news and say hey fools wake up. As long as the tv keeps pushing the agenda, keeping people fighting between 2 parties we don't have a chance. We need the average person to be into this, not just people that have watched enough documentaries to know better.


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