Paramilitary Policing Begins

Get ready for #OccupyChicago.
Paramilitary Policing Begins

Fearing the rebellious peaceful hordes of Occupy, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has granted the city’s police force emergency purchasing power to suit-up for NATO and G8 meetings this May. Top of the list: 3000 new riot face shields worth $200,000. These face shields are said to be better than existing ones because they fit easier over top of gas masks and seal directly to the forehead of the helmet, preventing liquids from passing through.

“Rioters known to attend NATO and G8 meetings have been known to throw bags of urine and bags of feces at police. Chicago Police officers need a shield that can adapt to what is being thrown at them, ” Fraternal Order of Police President Mike Shields told the Chicago Sun Times.

In a city already strapped for cash for social programs, the move comes as a surprise to citizens and protestors alike.

Aaron Cynic of writes:

To our knowledge, no protesters plan on bringing any kind of scatological materials to the demonstrations in May. Furthermore, while cursory searching found plenty of speculation, rumor and hyperbole about such instances, we have yet to find any actual hard evidence outside of commentary. To the contrary, a civil liberties advocate told an independent news website in December: “This is part of a spectrum of information war strategies that the state uses to repress dissent.”

#OCCUPYCHICAGO Tactical Briefing / Facebook Event Page / Twitter / Reddit

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Thank you for killing Americans.
Thank you for running us over with your police cars.
Thank you for beating our homeless to death in front of crowds of people.
Thank you for shooting my 16 year old cousin in my Aunt's house because he had a knife.
Thank you for attacking American citizens during a protest. Any protest.
Thank you for always having an excuse.
Thank you for never prosecuting your own criminals in the force.
Thank you for giving paid leave to officers who kill Americans.
Thank you for using up billions of our tax dollars on equipment you use to kill us with.
Thank you for letting people with Asthma die in your cells.
Thank you for imprisoning more American people in America than Chinese people in China.
Thank you for feeding our inmates the same food you feed our schoolchildren.
Thank you for walking around town with guns out in front of my son.
Thank you for executing innocent people.
Thank you for the fear you cause wherever you go.
Thank you for making America a worse place to live.
Thank you for ignoring minority emergency calls.
Thank you for throwing all those people in prison for having a plant on them - marijuana. Plants sure are evil.
Thank you for shooting peoples dogs.
Thank you for showing up to every crime with a high powered weapon.
Thank you for being trained to see our Founding Father's as terrorists (see Homeland Security training local cops to see the Founders and people who have American Flags as terrorists)
Thank you for the illegal checkpoints of Fascism.
Thank you for profiling.
Thank you for illegal and unconstitutional pat downs in New York.
Thank you for showing up to peaceful protests with weapons.
Thank you for being the private army of The Government.

This is a thank you. To cops around the world. Thank you for being traitors! The road to good intentions, eh?


Are Americans willing to sacrifice liberty and freedom for a little security from poop?

Oh yeah.

You can take my life, you can take my guns, you can take my right to protest, but you just shouldn't throw poop on me, please.


There is a difference between Poop and Feces my friend not least of which is that they are spelled differently:

Poop is what a little baby does with a cute little baby sigh.

Feces is disease laden.


Joe still doesn't say where or when this was or provid pictures. The seasoned reporter didn't have his cell phone *that*day


There had obviously been a point in history when someone had crap thrown at them, because creating something of this nature generally isn't an idea that falls out of the air.. These guys are doing what they're told to do, their jobs.. People can slam cops/ enforcement officers all they want, but they fail to realize that they need them.
All of these protests that have been happening are all fine and dandy, but in the big picture they're nothing more than a waste of time. Not only has it turned into just a fad, but there is no real strong amount of leadership or organization behind these things..
I think these people doing these "Occupy" movements, truly need to step back and rethink their clearly failing formula..


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