Paramilitary Policing Begins

Get ready for #OccupyChicago.
Paramilitary Policing Begins

Fearing the rebellious peaceful hordes of Occupy, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has granted the city’s police force emergency purchasing power to suit-up for NATO and G8 meetings this May. Top of the list: 3000 new riot face shields worth $200,000. These face shields are said to be better than existing ones because they fit easier over top of gas masks and seal directly to the forehead of the helmet, preventing liquids from passing through.

“Rioters known to attend NATO and G8 meetings have been known to throw bags of urine and bags of feces at police. Chicago Police officers need a shield that can adapt to what is being thrown at them, ” Fraternal Order of Police President Mike Shields told the Chicago Sun Times.

In a city already strapped for cash for social programs, the move comes as a surprise to citizens and protestors alike.

Aaron Cynic of writes:

To our knowledge, no protesters plan on bringing any kind of scatological materials to the demonstrations in May. Furthermore, while cursory searching found plenty of speculation, rumor and hyperbole about such instances, we have yet to find any actual hard evidence outside of commentary. To the contrary, a civil liberties advocate told an independent news website in December: “This is part of a spectrum of information war strategies that the state uses to repress dissent.”

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On The contrary.

I've witnessed first hand a feces attack organized and raised against our boys in blue.

It went down like this. I was just walking down the street minding my own business, when I turned the corner and happened on a rather large G20 demonstration going on. So I decided to check it out and see what's happening. It didn't take long to witness, to my dismay, how these feces attacks go down. Lined up against a wall were plastic bags rolled over halfway down. Some smaller bags, some larger bags, all plastic. Attending to these bags were no less than 10 people, who had obviously been trained and practiced on the system to employ in replacing and lining up these bags against the wall. And as I watched, wave upon wave of what you would normally think are just regular people --grannies and kids as young as 13--- would stand in orderly lines for their turn to walk up to the wall, turn around and squat, and either shit or piss into these bags. In front of everybody. 15 people in a row against the wall. Squatted down and filling these bags. Then casually standing up, pulling up their trousers ( or down their dresses) and walking away, sometimes with a victory yelp hands raised in the air. These bags were then carefully picked up, closed and twistied shut by the trained attendants and piled up into a neat and orderly pile to one side for use by no less than (by my count) 300 trained hurlers who would constantly run back and forth from the frontline and the pile to quickly grab a sack of their choosing for hurling at the cops.

--Joe Johnson

(Joe Johnson is a seasoned demonstration reporter who has reported on many demonstrations, including the infamous cow dropped from the sky demonstration).


I agree, but the converse is also a problem. I think it's the power hungry politicians (of all stripes) that are to blame.


Yes, we all know what the horror of poop on us can do to our bodies.
Terrible, terrible poop.
Go look at Kelly Thomas' face.
Did poop do that to him?
Cops did.
Cops boots. Their fists. Their guns. Their batons. Their flashlights. Their non lethal ammunition.
If a cop throws shit at you, you had better thank him for not killing you, because he is not above murdering you in the name of justice, honor, integrity, and accountability.
You think you'll get put on paid leave for getting beaten within an inch of your life by a cop?
You aren't getting paid leave.
He is.
He gets paid...
... to beat you within an inch of your life.
How is this not a gang from Juarez?


The Question is not whether or not it happened.

The Question is whether or not it *could* happen.

And given the choice of my human rights or the possibility of what could happen to our police forces, I choose our police forces any day of the year. Except Feb 20.


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