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For decades the petrol elite has governed Nigeria. And while their GDP continues to rise and luxury items line the shelves of exclusive shops, the majority of Nigeria’s 160 million people live in grinding poverty. Spurred on by bailout-esq financial policies for the super rich, Nigerians have been rising up across ethnic and religious lines like never before, joining hands against the privileges of the 1%. What started as an urban uprising against the removal of state gasoline subsidies has turned into the largest Occupy movement in Sub-Saharan Africa … and perhaps the world.


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Kozen Sato

The enemies whom the global occupy protests should defeat -CONGLOMERATE OF VESTED INTERESTS make each nation people unhappy-

The global occupy protests that began in New York has spread worldwide.
Demonstrators on Wall Street showed various placards that say the corporate greed, the burden of large student loan, the poor health care system and anti-war.
In Tokyo where I work, different claims from protests against gaps for example "against nuclear power" "anti-TPP" etc., were also observed.

"What and whom they are looking for. Confusing"
To demonstrations of each countries many people have impressions like this.
If you look around the world, there is no unity in various targets of protests.

It is certain that each nation government don't work well but protests can't become big power in this situation.

We should identify the enemy whom we should defeat.
The enemies are CONGLOMERATE OF VESTED INTERESTS who insist vested interests and take opportunities of performing true abilities from young peoples.

In America they may be the financial industry sector that was served by huge tax money but don't return compensation to nation and its lobbyists.

In Japan they are national and rural bureaucrats whose summit is Ministry of finance had became Tax up Mafia, Aerial monopoly company for example electric power as virtual bureaucrats and Mass communication companies who are prevented by eternal radio wave rights and exclusive Press club as the bureaucrats supporters.

As global level it is Greek have many civil servants with thick treatment who don't make effort to work.

As above mentioned concrete enemies are different as each countries, but all of them hold VESTED INTERESTS.

We need the critical line to divide between the enemies whom we should defeat and should not.
The wealth that was got by right way and endeavor should be praised.
Otherwise the each counties protests will become mere child play of communism revolution.

But the wealth that were got by wrong way should be returned to side of nations.
The rights and treats that were kept without competition should become open.
CONGLOMERATE OF VESTED INTERESTS that make each nation people unhappy should be defeated.

When great course of protests are expressed clearly and common enemies become clear, the global occupy protests will become big power that can change the world.


We have been sold a bill of goods - called democracy. No one knows what democracy stands for.

I practice, democracy is imposed on traditional cultures for the purpose of destroying them, and imposing a politico-economic order totally controlled by money, and the interests of moneylenders.
Elections are held, but no none can get elected without the backing of the big money. Even if one is absolutely correct in his reasoning and is extraordinarily persuasive, he will not only not be heard, he will actually be destroyed by the media totally controlled by the big money. United States of Israel is the prime example of this process. It takes millions of dollars to get elected even to the Congress. Majority of Americans do not have that kind of money.

The Euro-zone is no better now. Look at Greece and Italy, one gave us the word democracy, and the other is the source of our religious and moral beliefs, both had their elected governments fired and the moneylenders appointed their own men to govern. This is post modern democracy

All other Western government actually control less money than the moneylenders and can be expected to suffer the same fate as Greece and Italy.

This world is kept on rails by empty bellied people. Regardless of the slogans of the ruling classes in favour of this or that ism, after a while the pigs start playing poker at the cost of cows and chickens.

We are living in moral vacuum, we need a moral revival, and only the empty bellied can do that. The improvement will last a while, and when the pig start playing poker again the cycle will repeat till the second coming of Christ.


"Democracy" in its pure form, in the true definition, means "government of, by, and for the people," a government that operates only "by the consent of the governed." That form has been perverted into neo-liberalism, and euphemistic term for "neo-imperialism." Do we throw out the concept of "democracy" because it has been perverted? Can we make these distinctions, to sharpen our analysis and to identify that the real culprit is not "democracy," but is a corporatism that hijacked every possible ideal.


For democracy to work we need a very detailed constitution, a moral society, and abolition of the moneylender system.
We also need control over media ownership, the mass media cannot be left in the hands of few moneylenders. The broadcast facilities should belong to common people i.e. the elected government.
We need proportional representation, not 50.01% take all.
It would also help if the election was multitiered i.e. a small group of people who know each other elect a representative, and the elected ones elect the next level leader, a few times over to elect the members of parliament.
Elections should be held regionally at different times so that the entire government is not changed suddenly. etc. etc.
All the above will help, but crooks will work to corrupt any thing. If past history is any guide revolutions still be required, but may be less frequent.


Was it just me or did the dude in the green shirt look SUPER stoned?

"First, we get high. Then, revolution!"

I think we should all follow that brave young man's example and get high as fuck, have cars bumping something funky on our march and then go siddown in a public space, just a cozy few thousand people enjoying themselves until shit actually changes or we all get arrested.

The second option is far more likely, sadly, but at least we'll have fun doing it. Bonus points for vomiting in a squad car.


WOW if this isn't a statement about what the occupy movement is about i don't know what is. Doing drugs sitting on your ass keep it up losers.


I didn't think ANYBODY would be stupid enough to read that and think it was anything but facetious, but I guess morons read adbusters too.


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