Or shall we move into uncharted territory?

The G8 retreat from Chicago to Camp David brings a new tactical dilemma to Occupy. Do we carry on with the old model, locating contested space and establishing a physical encampment? Or do we sojourn into an uncharted vector of resistance where symbolic space is transient, fluid and less-significant? Here’s the view of Occupier Sean Nolan. Have a read and weigh in.

After months of gestation, confusion, internal conflict, regrouping and rethinking, the Occupy movement has come through the winter, in my mind at least, for the better. Those of us who are focused on changing the way that this country’s “elected” (or shall I say, bought and paid for) officials do business are more focused than a diamond cutting laser. Those of us who are focused on making a true American Spring are prepared.

As many of you now may very well know, the G8 meeting in Chicago that was scheduled for the 18th of May, has been moved to Camp David, a secure military compound guarded by US Marines that houses the President for private formal or informal occasions. Now let me be clear, the G8 is a meeting between the eight most powerful leaders in the world to discuss “key issues” facing the geopolitical sphere. There is a G12 meeting, a G20, and so on.


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I think we can do both. However, there are a few things to keep in mind in developing tactics for a local presence near Camp David.

Suggested sites:

Cunningham Falls State Park:
Some Occupy activists have tweeted about camping in nearby Cunningham Falls State Park, but park officials say there's been no rush to reserve campsites since the White House announced Monday that it was moving the meeting from Chicago. "We're aware there's some communication going on out there on social media but there's been very little activity," said Lt. Col. Chris Bushman, deputy superintendent of the Maryland Park Service.

Catoctin Mountain Park:
There are 51 first-come, first-serve campsites in Catoctin Mountain Park, the national park that surrounds Camp David. Park superintendent Mel Poole said campers might be barred from the park during the G-8 meeting. "We have closed the whole park on occasion," he said, including the 30 days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. That decision would be made by the Secret Service, Poole said.

Thurmont Municipal Parks:
Thurmont Police Chief Gregory Eyler said he'll likely cancel all leave and training time for his 10-member police force for the G-8 meeting. The town will enforce the 10 p.m. closing time of its two municipal parks and require permits for demonstrations, he said.

Fort Detrick:
Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said he's preparing for traffic congestion on the two-lane roads leading to Thurmont. He speculated that demonstrators who can't get near Camp David might target Fort Detrick, an Army post in nearby Frederick that includes the military's flagship biodefense laboratory.

Conflicts to stay aware of:

1. You could get arrested by secret service. In a snap. Thanks to HR 347. NDAA 2012 indefinite detention and torture language, Enemy Expatriation Act

2. They will force us off of municipal park property by 10pm.

3. They may close down state parks nearby if we attempt to make a peaceful demonstration, and this could include losing large amounts of personal property (camping equipment)

4. I don't even know the level of risk of doing it outside Fort Detrick

Les-Occupy Cinci

I will not be told where and when I am aloud to exercise my rights. "the state cant give you free speech and they can't take it away. youre born with it. Freedom is something you assume and then you wait for someone to take it away. the degree to which you resist is the degree to which you are free."-Utah Phillips

Mr. Oddfellow

We cannot give up on Chicago!! It is a major city in the middle of the country that more people could mass upon. This is our victory WE choose the battle ground! I am calling for 99,000 Patriots to join me and make the rest of the world listen! Occupy Chicago!!!

Sean Nolan

Okay, I'm gonna weigh in here, because it seems like people aren't getting the message.

We are NOT abandoning an action in Chicago. We are making an action at Camp David with as many Occupy groups as we can get, hopefully very much more than the 1500 people estimated earlier this week (I liked the person who mentioned 50,000 people, because they can't arrest us all), and we are going to arrive a few days early, mostly likely at Cunningham because the easiest route is there, and we are going to march to the gates once we have confirmed that all the G8 leaders have arrived.

Once there, we will chant, we will give speeches, beat our drums, and we will scream for the G8 leaders to come out and listen to our grievances.

Now, in regards to Occupy Press's post, you must not have read the Forbes article I referenced in my blog, because even that stated that the majority of the press will not be able to get access to Camp David, and they'll probably be much more interested in us at Cunningham since at least that's a story, and if we co-ordinate properly, we'll give them a damned good one, ESPECIALLY if we bus everyone up to Chicago after the G8 ends.

I've heard people saying "Camp David is a fortress". You think Chicago won't be a fortress for the NATO conference? That place will be crawling with not only US military intel services, but with the rest of NATO's respective military intel services. Not to mention the police being ready and geared up, and I'm damn sure that the National Guard's gonna be on speed dial.

Arguing that Camp David will be a fortress would imply that Chicago won't be, and that's assinine.

Now, the Chicago cops are apparently worried about us coming to town and being in their streets? Think how worried they'll be when the rest of us from Camp David show up, hardened after our march and in high spirits because we've just accomplished one of the biggest manuevers since King's march on DC. Think how much we'll be able to celebrate then, when we're UNITED and successful.

There is nothing that has been stated that would imply that #OccupyCampDavid would take precedence over #OccupyNATO. In fact, the whole purpose of this action is to make sure that both are doubly successful, not just in practical means, but in terms of media coverage. Think of how much we could generate in such an action and how many people will see that this is our #AmericanSpring.

It seems that thus far, #OccupyChicago has been the largest opponent of this. I ask why. We need solidarity, and the ferverent opposition seems to be less based on the logistics (remember, every pundit on earth gave ALL of us crap about logistics last fall, and we showed them that indeed, another world is possible), and more on city pride.

I can understand that. Chicago is a great city and one to be proud of. I'm proud to even be from the same region as Chicago, and be close enough to drive to great sites such as Haymarket, or Wrigley Field, or the International Amphitheatre where in 1968, some of our older members may have even been there to throw the Democratic Convention into chaos in order to end the war in Vietnam.

However, with such great history, how much of #OccupyChicago's opposition is based on city pride? I'm just trying to be real here. I understand how pride is when it's your hometown, and especially if you're from the Rust Belt. I have pride for Cincy, and I'm planning on getting our area code tattooed on my chest the next time I have the cash so I never forget where I'm from and can display that pride. Despite that pride though, I and those who are planning on going to #OccupyCampDavid are doing this to strengthen and unify our movement and to do so through solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world.

It is NOT an attempt to divide us. It is quite the opposite.

Just think, Chicago. Think what your city could be remembered by when this action of moving tens of thousands of people from #OccupyCampDavid to #OccupyNATO is successful. Think of how much of an impact this movement could have, not only on the national stage, but on the international stage as well, if this is pulled off correctly.

This is possible, but only if we are truly the movement of solidarity and peace that we have purported ourselves to be.


Sean, I need to know the DATE, TIME, and meet-up location on this. May 18? or what? What time? I have people who want to attend this very much so, and we need DETAILS.

Sean Nolan

From our facebook about page:
"Come to Cunningham Falls State Park on the 17th of May for Occupy Camp David to demand transparency, accountability and genuine democracy; that the leaders of the world address the people, not hide in their private retreat. Then on the 19th at the close of the G8 let us gather all those present into an Occupy Caravan bound for Chicago taking the 11 hour drive to confront the same people whose pol...ices keep ordinary people all over the world from realizing their potential through their political, economic and military aggression. We should reach Chicago by the start of the NATO Summit, making several stops along the way in significant/symbolic places. This would be in the tradition of the freedom riders of the 60's. They went to support Civil Rights and demand freedom. We go in that tradition, demanding that our government live up to its promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. "


If we can't put boots on the ground in both Chicago AND Camp David, then we really do have a problem.


Is anyone planning to go to Camp David to protest, and if so when and where do you plan to protest? I know people who want to come and observe, if there will actually be a protest there? Is the plan to be at the front gate, and is that even possible? And if so, when? Or do people plan to protest somehow at one of the campgrounds?

If you know, please answer here or please email me at [email protected]

-- Sue


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