Or shall we move into uncharted territory?

The G8 retreat from Chicago to Camp David brings a new tactical dilemma to Occupy. Do we carry on with the old model, locating contested space and establishing a physical encampment? Or do we sojourn into an uncharted vector of resistance where symbolic space is transient, fluid and less-significant? Here’s the view of Occupier Sean Nolan. Have a read and weigh in.

After months of gestation, confusion, internal conflict, regrouping and rethinking, the Occupy movement has come through the winter, in my mind at least, for the better. Those of us who are focused on changing the way that this country’s “elected” (or shall I say, bought and paid for) officials do business are more focused than a diamond cutting laser. Those of us who are focused on making a true American Spring are prepared.

As many of you now may very well know, the G8 meeting in Chicago that was scheduled for the 18th of May, has been moved to Camp David, a secure military compound guarded by US Marines that houses the President for private formal or informal occasions. Now let me be clear, the G8 is a meeting between the eight most powerful leaders in the world to discuss “key issues” facing the geopolitical sphere. There is a G12 meeting, a G20, and so on.


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Make no mistake. Camp David is a fortress. Probably the easiest fortified and defendable spot in America. Any attempt at a "siege" will result in expulsion of protestor forces.

There's one path in by land and one path in by helicopter. The rest is walled up and is surrounded by forestry.

I assume constant patrols and cameras are all around the perimeter and inside the forest itself. Probably cameras up and down the road as well.

This is a worst-case scenario for a protest area.

It's staffed by Marines. It will be staffed by the private security forces of every international detail that arrives. It will be constantly monitored by satellites and infiltrators on the ground.

While I support protesting G8, make no mistake, the marines and secret service can easily turn their guns on us, cloud the communication sphere in the surrounding area, and commit grievous violence upon us without any response from the national community.

This is a trap. Yet there is no way to disable this trap.

If anyone has any suggestions on how this is going to be a feasible operation...?


Chicago ran G8 out of town. Rahm tried to use the Miami Model to instill fear into the hearts of Chicagoans, so he could pas his repressive protest laws, only he forgot to send a memo to the CPD. They have been scared for months. And it has shown. Their blog (Second City Cop) has been abuzz for months and months and they are afraid to be in the streets with us.

Chicago is still home to the NATO summits, the second half of war and poverty.

Chicago, and folks from other towns will still be coming, shutting down the city in creative and peaceful way. Ensuring that the heads of fifty nation and ten thousand military officers can't continue thier agendy of death and murder.

Come to Chicago, symbolically celebrate the run out of the economic side of the equation, but physically shut down the war side.

Occupy Press Co...

We need you, here, in Chicago. Yes, you can go to Camp David, and stage protests outside some remote facility, as the discussions go on quietly and secretly, and media attention is split between Chicago and David, emphasis on the larger and more impactful Chicago. Or you can join your more numerous brothers and sisters here, where we are working to plan a whole month of actions, outreach, marches, music, art, and even housing and food for those who can't pay their way through their time here.

The issues that meetings like the G8 force us to confront are in the end abstract, and symbolic. You can protest the G8 and the global poverty machine from anywhere. What matters at the end of the day are numbers, and strategic success of the actions. Chicago is rife with local qua global austerity measures, school closings, foreclosures, repressive measures aimed at eliminating dissent, corrupt no-bid contracts and abuse of elected positions, business and profit before people, pollution causing children to spend their lives in the grips of asthma and cancer, racial segregation, roll-back and privatization of public services--the list goes on and on. Come to us. We need your strength. We will find you a place if you want us to, we will applaud as you make your own place if you want that, we will support anything you do here, whether it be action, encampment, nude marches to scare off the squares, what have you, you are welcome. Come to Chicago. We need you, and our process is open and waiting for you all.


I say, celebrate your success in Chicago while the crooks do their thing in the bush (Camp David)

Mr. Oddfellow

agreed. If we are loud enough in chicago we will still be heard at camp david, and across the world!


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