Or shall we move into uncharted territory?

The G8 retreat from Chicago to Camp David brings a new tactical dilemma to Occupy. Do we carry on with the old model, locating contested space and establishing a physical encampment? Or do we sojourn into an uncharted vector of resistance where symbolic space is transient, fluid and less-significant? Here’s the view of Occupier Sean Nolan. Have a read and weigh in.

After months of gestation, confusion, internal conflict, regrouping and rethinking, the Occupy movement has come through the winter, in my mind at least, for the better. Those of us who are focused on changing the way that this country’s “elected” (or shall I say, bought and paid for) officials do business are more focused than a diamond cutting laser. Those of us who are focused on making a true American Spring are prepared.

As many of you now may very well know, the G8 meeting in Chicago that was scheduled for the 18th of May, has been moved to Camp David, a secure military compound guarded by US Marines that houses the President for private formal or informal occasions. Now let me be clear, the G8 is a meeting between the eight most powerful leaders in the world to discuss “key issues” facing the geopolitical sphere. There is a G12 meeting, a G20, and so on.


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NATO is in Chicago. 50 heads of state will be here, and the fortress protecting them will be the same.

There will be 10,000 military officers, without their soldiers.

There will be tens of thousands of us, shutting down their meeting of destruction and invasion.

Chicago is prepared, ready and willing. Ride boards are set up and housing boards are coming. Groups from all over the country have refused to cancel their plans, knowing how important it is to shut down the first have of the War and Poverty Agenda the NATO and G8 bring to the world.


In addition to MASS protests.
We need also
a 3rd political party
with candidates.

A third political party is the only vehicle
I can think of
to reach the silent majority
that remain in frozen denial.


There are many truths written below. If you have not seen the attached video.....LOOK AT IT. It is 22 minutes long and is scary as hell but you will understand why I think every American should need to watch it.


I think u r talking the GREEN PARTY, Jill Stein was a Boston Occupier recruited by the Green Party to run for Prez, her platform is similiar to 99% Dec........


Erm, you mean like all the third parties that already exist and can barely get enough votes to keep their ballot status?


A big part of the reason #OCCUPYWALLSTREET gained so much traction from the get-go had to do with the perceived possibility of actually shutting down (or slowing) a primary component of the capitalist misery machine. Though that never really materialized, that notion should not be forgotten or overlooked. The Flint Sit-Down Strike, the Oakland General Strike and port shutdown, UE's Republic Windows/Serious occupations, Thailand's week-long occupation of the international airport in Bangkok in 2008, etc. were focused economic actions that moved far beyond mere 'demonstration' – which is the most an #OCCUPYCAMPDAVID could be even if everything went the good guys' way.


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