Or shall we move into uncharted territory?

The G8 retreat from Chicago to Camp David brings a new tactical dilemma to Occupy. Do we carry on with the old model, locating contested space and establishing a physical encampment? Or do we sojourn into an uncharted vector of resistance where symbolic space is transient, fluid and less-significant? Here’s the view of Occupier Sean Nolan. Have a read and weigh in.

After months of gestation, confusion, internal conflict, regrouping and rethinking, the Occupy movement has come through the winter, in my mind at least, for the better. Those of us who are focused on changing the way that this country’s “elected” (or shall I say, bought and paid for) officials do business are more focused than a diamond cutting laser. Those of us who are focused on making a true American Spring are prepared.

As many of you now may very well know, the G8 meeting in Chicago that was scheduled for the 18th of May, has been moved to Camp David, a secure military compound guarded by US Marines that houses the President for private formal or informal occasions. Now let me be clear, the G8 is a meeting between the eight most powerful leaders in the world to discuss “key issues” facing the geopolitical sphere. There is a G12 meeting, a G20, and so on.


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I say go to Chicago. Flip the script. Powerful community building, persistently mobilizing. Show um' how we "camp."

Les-Occupy Cinc...

WE can do both. Occupy is the most flexible movement around. That is where our power lays. G8 meetings take place 18th and the 19th. Nato starts on the 20th. We rally against G8 like we planned in Chitown. Then mobilize for a caravan to chicago. Imagine howing the true power of the people by showing the 1% we will not let them hide!!!


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