Occupy's Spiritual Quest

The fork in the road ahead.


Dear occupiers, jammers, dreamers,

Three years after the May 1968 uprising that swept the world, the great French philosopher Michel Foucault observed that a key strategy of power is to “appear inaccessible to events.” Power, Foucault argued with a nod towards 1968’s failed insurrection, acts to “dispel the shock of daily occurrences, to dissolve the event … to exclude the radical break introduced by events.”

Forty years later, in light of Occupy, Foucault’s observation still strikes home. Despite achieving the impossible at unprecedented speed – sparking a global awakening, triggering a thousand people’s assemblies worldwide, and giving birth to a visceral anti-corporate, pro-democracy spiritual insurrection – Occupy is now struggling through an existential moment. Our movement has been dealt a blow: our May 1 and follow-up events have been dissolved by power; the status quo has shown itself to be far more resilient than many of us expected.

Now a passionate debate is emerging within our movement. On one side are those who cheer the death of Occupy in the hopes that it will transform into something unexpected and new. And on the other are patient organizers who counsel that all great movements take years to unfold.


May 1 confirmed the end of the national Occupy Wall Street movement because it was the best opportunity the movement had to reestablish the occupations, and yet it couldn’t. Nowhere was this more clear than in Oakland as the sun set after a day of marches, pickets and clashes. Rumors had been circulating for weeks that tents would start going up and the camp would reemerge in the evening of that long day. The hundreds of riot police backed by armored personnel carriers and SWAT teams carrying assault rifles made no secret of their intention to sweep the plaza clear after all the “good protesters” scurried home, making any reoccupation physically impossible. It was the same on January 28 when plans for a large public building occupation were shattered in a shower of flash bang grenades and 400 arrests, just as it was on March 17 in Zuccotti Park when dreams of a new Wall Street camp were clubbed and pepper sprayed to death by the NYPD. Any hopes of a spring offensive leading to a new round of space reclamations and liberated zones has come and gone. And with that, Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland are now dead.

The task ahead of us in Oakland and beyond is to search out and nurture new means of finding each other. We are quickly reaching the point where the dead weight of Occupy threatens to drag down the Commune into the dustbin of history. We need to breathe new life into our network of rebellious relationships that does not rely on the Occupy Oakland general assembly or the array of movement protagonists who have emerged to represent the struggle. This is by no means an argument against assemblies or for a retreat back into the small countercultural ghettos that keep us isolated and irrelevant. On the contrary, we need more public assemblies that take different forms and experiment with themes, styles of decision-making (or lack there of) and levels of affinity… Most of all, we need desperately to stay connected with comrades old and new and not let these relationships completely decompose.

— Read the rest of the this article, by anonymous West Coast anarchists, at Bay of Rage



ccupy Wall Street was at the pinnacle of its power in October 2011, when thousands of people converged at Zuccotti Park and successfully foiled the plans of billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg to sweep away the occupation on grounds of public health. From that vantage point, the Occupy movement appears to have tumbled off a cliff, having failed to organize anything like a general strike on May Day – despite months of rumblings of mass walkouts, blockades and shutdowns.

The mainstream media are eager to administer last rites. CNN declared that “May Day fizzled,” the New York Post sneered “Goodbye, Occupy,” and The New York Times consigned the day’s events to fewer than 400 words, mainly dealing with arrests in New York City.

Historians and organizers counter that the Occupy movement needs to be seen in relative terms. Eminent sociologist Frances Fox Piven, co-author of Poor People’s Movements, says:

“I don’t know of a movement that unfolds in less than a decade. People are impatient, and some of them are too quick to pass judgment. But it’s the beginning, I think, of a great movement. One of a series of movement that has episodically changed history, which is not the way we tell the story of American history.”

— Read the rest of Arun Gupta’s What Happened to the Occupy movement?

The fire in the soul of Occupy burns from Oakland to Quebec, Barcelona to Chicago, Wall Street to Moscow and Frankfurt… the question now is which fork in the road will our movement take?

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ

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The left prefers to be the professional whiners because they know their ideas don't work.

They are petrified of leadership and responsibility.


Maple Spring: 'Canada vs totalitarian govt crackdown'

Nearly 700 arrests have been made overnight in Canada, during the latest protest in Quebec against a huge planned rise in student tuition fees. The rallies have been on-going for more than 100 days. Police in Montreal dispersed unsanctioned protests and arrested 518 demonstrators on Wednesday night. The arrests were also made in Quebec City, where some 170 were detained, and in Sherbrooke. There were no reports of injuries or casualties.


So, as with CBS & Fox, the BBC are outstanding examples of fair and balanced news stations? Yet, as highlighted by RT, this British state-run news outlet is willing to use fake pictures - from Syria 'Human Rights" groups - to drum up support for NATO bombing. British TV News - is not that a joke?


The video that was posted was Russian TV, which is a joke.

Don't try to divert the subject to other TV outlets which may have similar credibility issues as the Russians.

But, Russia is the most corrupt countries in the world and their news is equally corrupt.


Truth for Human Existence and Happiness

The Groundwork for a Re-declaration of Independence

By Paul and Danny Sites

This book is built on insights and works of Jesus of Nazareth, Karl Marx, George Herbert Mead, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Erich Fromm, as well as many other sages and scholars, who struggle to weave the golden thread of truth through the dark tapestry of human suffering we call history. Human happiness is not some random event, but occurs under prescribed social conditions that facilitate the flourishing of human nature, vis-`a-vis the self, and its correlative emergent needs. Happiness is not solely an individual matter, but dependent on social groups, characterized by mutual recognition and respect, openness, honesty, and facilitation; all qualities of equality-based communities. Happiness, then, is not the result of individuals being genetically blessed, or having the right education, income, status or even attitude. It is not the mechanical result of certain brain chemistry or structure. It is in short, not something for a select few, but possible for all, given the right social conditions and proper understanding of the nature of the self and its needs.
To understand happiness, is to understand the nature of the self in community. The self does not come to us ex nihilo; it is open to scientific discovery and understanding. The self is not entity; it is process. It is not substantive; it is functional. And although not an entity, it is an emergent, as are its five corresponding needs. The nature of the self and its needs are explored and reveal the genesis of human creativity and free will, both necessary components of human happiness. The understanding of the self becomes the window of opportunity to view the vista that is human history. We can now understand how for much of history the individual self, for most, has been manipulated, ignored, abused, and even exploited. This book gives readers more than just hope by providing them with a new understanding and consciousness of being within community. They can now see the fetters that have been placed on their existence since childhood that blinds them to their own needs and self-interest, which in the end, robs them of their authenticity. This book seeks to free people from irrational, historically-created, social constraints that may serve those in power, but does little to facilitate individual human happiness. Since we find that domination always renders the game of social life zero-sum, we theorize, that only equality can found a human community, capable of gratifying the needs of its people. Only equality maximizes freedom for each individual, making it possible for them to creatively act to solve their problems of life, pursue their liberties to act and build their way to a life of happiness. Individuals become the final arbiter of truth for their existence. This book is the first thrust and parry, in a newfound revolution, to declare independence for all.

Agent Suga

We all need to work together to ascend the occupy movement beyond its life or death. We all have something to win or lose from this. Chaos and Order can come together and create something beautiful it happens everyday.

#Blackbloc + #Anonymous + You = #A99Shields - | #Occupy / #OWS / #OpNewblood

Protect / Liberate / Rebuild


It is essential that Occupy and the American people clear up who we need to focus our angst and demand for Reform. First, it is obvious that it is Wall street that is robbing the American people and the American citizen and taxpayers' treasury and funds. The problem is the Wall Street criminals are running our legal apparatus allowing an open door for criminal activity and turning that system against the people, actually using the law to more thoroughly victimize innocent and vulnerable people.

So how do we go about dissecting the situation so efforts can be focused to do the job of changing our controlled victimization. I believe that the bigger and more egregious criminals are in Washington. Yes, Wall Street is robbing us with Fraud and a usury system of debt that is unnecessary , but our legal apparatus is not doing its job. Until we have a government that stops crime, nothing will change, since it is a lack of protection from crime that is the bigger problem.

There will always be criminals. That is why we have laws. When those enforcing laws also become criminals, then there is no barrier, no protection, nothing to stop it. This is where we are now. While WS is the obvious villain, the sold out rouge government is far worse. Granted, those in government running the court system etc. are also many of the major players on WS, we still should focus our energy towards Washington and our sold out Congress, Senate, and Presidency.

There is only one protection against criminals and that is law enforcement. Anything else is just *begging* for criminals to behave which is a waste of time. The government exists and is funded because it was created and funded by the people for the GOOD of the PEOPLE specifically to protect from tyrants and criminals.

Now those in government have been paid off to do the bidding of criminals, using our government to control victims for the good of criminals. Law enforcement is the answer to stopping crime. Nothing will stop it until we have our real government that does that.


The cops protect the real criminals, and the criminals extend much further than Wall St, Congress and the judicial system. They're in every part of government, and every part of industry, and they're in every government agency, particularly the security apparatus and military. And moreover, the justice system is extremely corrupt. There's an attorney named Richard Fine who tried to expose the corruption within the Los Angeles judicial system and he was persecuted, then imprisoned without charges or bail and held for 18 months under tortuous conditions. Political imprisonment in America is alive and well:

The justice system, like all the power structures that currently exist, was put into place to repress the ordinary man, and provide protection for the rich and powerful.


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