Occupy Plays Jazz

Innovation is brewing for a hot summer.


This week, a federal judge praised Occupy’s “troublemakers” as our global movement continues to innovate spontaneously towards a hot summer.

“What a huge debt this nation owes to its ‘troublemakers,’” writes federal Judge Rakoff. “From Thomas Paine to Martin Luther King Jr., they have forced us to focus on problems we would prefer to downplay or ignore. Yet it is often only with hindsight that we can distinguish those troublemakers who brought us to our senses from those who are simply troublemakers. Prudence, and respect for the constitutional rights to free speech and free association, therefore dictate that the legal system cut all nonviolent protesters a fair amount of slack.”

Meanwhile in Seattle charges against 16 occupiers were dropped after a judge ruled that they were not trespassing when they occupied an abandoned building last December. Charges against jammers who occupied a Seattle Chase Bank were similarly dropped in March. And in Asheville, North Carolina a jury acquitted an occupier who was arrested in November. Numerous cases across the nation have shown that the police crackdown on Occupy is unconstitutional which will surely embolden us all in the weeks ahead.

A round-up of Occupy actions shows that our movement is innovating furiously. In Mexico, under the banner of #YOSOY132, and Quebec, where an “infinite strike” has been raging for weeks, students are rising up in unprecedented numbers. In Moscow, a real challenge to autocratic Putin is gathering momentum despite draconian new anti-Occupy laws. Similarly, in Egypt, a second Tahrir Uprising is revving up as the people try to shake off the military government. And across the world, local militant actions that show a growing rage among people are flaring up: in Seattle 50 black bloc anarchists attacked police this week; in Spain striking miners blockaded roads; in Portland a molotov was thrown through a bank window. Check out the Occupied Wall Street Journal and Dissident Voice for a rundown of what’s happening.

If the global economy keeps tanking then campuses, cities and whole nations could suddenly explode this Summer in a way we have not seen since the wildcat general strike of 1968.

Stay loose, play jazz, keep the faith … capitalism is in terminal crisis and our movement has just begun.

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You mean censorship?
I don't know why that's the case on an outlet that encourages this kind of thing.
It seems to me overall that those who say "support us or the pigs" are losing those they should be working to gain, the large portion of the population who is genuinely pissed off about the way things are, but doesn't want to be supporting anti-capitalist agendas who cause harm to those around them who they should be supporting.
I don't think law enforcement is full of the greatest of people, but the key is, they are PEOPLE, doing a JOB making little money for what shit they have to deal with.
I support reform, and I realize enormous reform is necessary, I don't support the elimination of government and anarchy because I am rational enough to see that pure anarchy wouldn't be the best thing for the world, mainly because it will only create another system with even more corruption than the one we have now.
You think the government abuses it's military powers now?
Just wait until they declare a state of emergency and lock everyone down without respite because of a few people who decided to start breaking shit.
Think that taking over a country and declaring anarchy or an anarchist alternative is the solution?
How are you going to enforce that?
By "ejecting" anyone who doesn't agree?
How is that more acceptable than what we have now?
I'm all for real reform, but I'm not for eliminating capitalism.
Nor am I for breaking windows and other temper tantrum like behaviours to show "them" that they are wrong.
Show "them" that they are wrong by enacting real change, and let me tell you, it doesn't start with or end with violence.
All that violence begets is more violence.


You make a lot of great points, but believe me, it'll be lost on most of the people who follow this site. I know from experience that any degree of constructive criticism is almost always met with hostility from people in the occupy movement, especially on this site. And to suggest that cops are anything but evil fascists is pretty much considered blasphemy on Adbusters. And as far as condemning the violence, just look at the article, they practically brag about the violence. The sad thing is that this movement could probably produce some positive changes if they were more sensible, organized and rejected the more radical elements.


Pigs make little money for the work they do? Bullshit - the fat fuck who pepper sprayed the students in Cali makes 120 + k. Kill bonuses for snipers in Iraq were/are $50,000 per targeted kill. Why do people who defend, support or call the troops/pigs daddy always do so with lies? Fuck the pigs, fuck the troops. They are 100% fucked-up.


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