The Occupy #NATGAT

Searching for new tactics and strategies.

Zachary Bell

Occupiers from across the nation are in Philadelphia for the Occupy National Gathering (#NATGAT), several days of workshops and direct actions culminating on July 4th. “I hope we can have some real dialogue about what’s next for Occupy. New tactics and strategies,” says occupier Jeff Rae, who has been active in the movement since September 17 in Zuccotti.

Yesterday Philadelphia occupier Zachary Bell wrote:

Chris Hedges addressed the crowd of Occupiers. Hedges described the state of political America, including the death of the radical class, the “monstrosity of faux liberals like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama,” and the marginalization of structural critique in political discourse. He addressed Occupy’s future, articulating Occupy’s immediate goal “to reverse the corporate coup d’état and put the power back in the hands of people.” Hedges opined that the black bloc”s tactics are destructive because it plays into the hands “of those who want to destroy us” by demonizing Occupy in the mind of the public. But he remained hopeful and urged patience, citing his experience in movements that took time to build: “this is the dress rehearsal for the end of the corporate state.”

Read Zachary’s full report from Day 1 and Day 2 of the #NATGAT at

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