#OCCUPY Harvard

Serious rumblings in the aristocratic heartland.


After 70 students staged a walk-out of Gregory Mankiw’s infamous Econ 10 last week, graduate and undergraduate students from all departments have now escalated the struggle. Yesterday students moved into the campus’s cherished Harvard Yard. By midnight, 500+ battled through police and security to set up an encampment, and now the eyes of the nation are having a double-take. There are serious rumblings in the aristocratic heartland.

Harvard University is a jewel in the crown of America's economic armature, and its economics department has been a platform for years of an ongoing power struggle waged by an unburdened elite. The university's top professors and deans, from Mankiw to Dr. Martin Feldstein to Dr. Lawrence Summers, were architects of the 2008 collapse and key authorities in the intellectual campaign for systemic deregulation.

If an occupation can happen at Harvard, it can happen anywhere. Now is the time for a global walk-out. Download a poster of the True Cost Economics Manifesto at kickitover.org and pin it up in the corridor of your department. Let's start an all out meme war against our neoclassical profs and begin the task of ushering in a new bionomic, psychonomic, ecological economics paradigm.

-Nathan Crompton and Darren Fleet